Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor


Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor review
The most challenging Nancy Drew Mystery yet!

The good:

Difficult and varied types of puzzles, and a new twist to the characters.

The bad:

Interaction with particular characters did not often take place.


Her Interactive has done it again. They've released a new thrilling game to their series of Nancy Drew mystery games. You, as Nancy Drew, take on your first international mystery with excitement! You've been asked to help solve a mystery surrounding Blackmoor Manor, an old manor that has been in the Penvellyn family for hundreds of years. A newly wed to the family, Linda Petrov, has suddenly closed herself in her room and has a curtain shielding her from sight. What has caused her sudden change has the whole family wondering. It is your job to find out why Linda has taken on this change.

I enjoyed "Curse of Blackmoor Manor" very much. It took me a total of four days to complete. This game is very challenging and I say that in a positive way. It's a good change from the past games. This one has you set your mind to doing the tasks, overcoming its challenges, and scoping out the culprit. There is an eerie atmosphere, which is completed by the music and the secretiveness of each of the characters. Great graphics and a large screen have helped to improve the game. It is no longer a necessity to call Nancy's friends, which is a nice change. I'm sure that you'll enjoy some aspect of the game, whether it is the music, the setting, the characters, or the deeper secrets that lie within the plot.

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