Namco Museum Vol. 3 Cheats

Namco Museum Vol. 3 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.


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Battle Scene
In the museum, go to the hall of doors, then hold L1 and R1 and press, Up, right, down, left 3 times. Gil's picax will appear in the bottom left corner to confirm code entry. Go to the Tower of Druaga room and in the hallway, there is a brick wall facing you. Get near it, and the Pac-Man will tell you something's there. Press X and he'll use the picax on it. You will enter a secret room and see Gil fighting Druaga for a short while and a Tower of Druaga arcade machine.
Treasure Guide for The Tower of Druaga
Floor 1: Kill 3 Green Slimes
Floor 2: Kill 2 Black Slimes
Floor 3: Kill both Blue Knights (or sometimes one.)
Floor 4: Walk on the exit without the key.
Floor 5: Block the wizard's spell 3 times while walking.
Floor 6: Touch the top outside wall, then press down.
Floor 7: Lose floor 1 treasure
Floor 8: Swing the sword in a diagnol position from the starting point.
Floor 9: (unrecommended, so I'm not typing it.)
Floor 10: Block the spell from the red slime.
Floor 11: Touch the bottom outside wall, then press up.
Floor 12: Make the Druid appear at the bottom row of the floor.
Floor 13: Walk on the exit without the key, then kill all enemies (I just can't get that one now!)
Floor 14: Wait until the time becomes 5,000.
Floor 15: Swing the sword when crossing the Blue Knight
Floor 16: Touch the left and right outside walls.
Floor 17: Wait until the Mage Ghost makes a teleport 5 times.
Floor 18: Don't touch any outside walls for 8-12 seconds from the start.
Floor 19: Open the exit, but don't enter it.
Floor 20: Open the exit without killing any enemies.
Floor 21: Don't move for 4-9 seconds.
Floor 22: (Unrecommended)
Floor 23: Only kill all the wizards.
Floor 24: Swing the sword from the start.
Floor 26: Kill 1-3 Druids, then open the exit without walking in to it.
Floor 27: Cross the Blue Will-O-Wisp.
Floor 28: Stand on the exit and swing the sword without the key.
Floor 29: Press each directional key in a circular clockwise motion 3 times, starting with the Up key.
Floor 30: Go to the top left corner, go right, then down, then right again.
Floor 31: Press the 1p start button.
Floor 32: Swing the sword twice.
Floor 33: Crossover the Silver Dragon.
Floor 34: Kill both Mirror Knights (or sometimes one.)
Floor 35: (Unrecommended)
Floor 36: Crossover the Sorcerer's fire.
Floor 37: Kill all the Ghosts, then crossover the Roper.
Floor 38: Block the wizard's spell with your sword drawn.
Floor 39: Press the Directional Key up 2 times, down 5 times.
Floor 40: (Unrecommended)
Floor 41: Unneeded unless you did the code on floor 40. But, if so, kill the Quox.
Floor 42: Crossover the red Will-O-Wisp, get the key, then crossover it again.
Floor 43: (Unrecommended)
Floor 44: Kill the enemies in order of: Druid, Mage, Sorcerer, Wizard.
Floor 45: There are two treasures here: 1. It appears from the start. 2. Kill the enemies in order of: Lizard Man, High Power Knight, Mirror Knight, Black Knight, and the Blue Knight.
Floor 46: Pass by all four corners, then go back to the first corner you passed by.
Floor 47: Kill one Roper.
Floor 48: Pass by all four corners.
Floor 49: (Unrecommended)
Floor 50: Touch the top, bottom, left, and right side of the wall.
Floor 51: Press and hold any Directional Key.
Floor 52: Destroy four walls with the treasure from floor 29.
Floor 53: Go to the bottom row in the long hallway on the left. Go up 2 rows, and you will pass by a nook. Destroy the wall in the nook that is facing verticlly. Then go down one row into another nook, but just stand in the space before the wall this time.
Floor 54: Go one row from the top, into a hallway with a nook facing a wall amd another nook. Stand in the first square of that hallway, and face right.
Floor 56: Worthless
Floor 57: Kill the False Ishtar and Lizard Man (False Ishtar will appear when you walk on the exit without the key.)
Floor 58: This is the same maze as on floor 53. First, go 1 row from the bottom in the hallway. Chop away, then passby the next square. Then, make your way to the top WITHOUT GOING THE HALLWAY YOU CAME FROM. Belive me, there is a way. Then go up to the next place you went on floor 53 and move right a couple of spaces. Then, go back to the square in the beginning of the hallway. Go down, right all the way to the wall, then finally, go straight down.