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Nov 19, 15 3:27pm

wrote a user review for Yoshi's Story (N64)


Released in 1998 by Nintendo, Yoshi’s Story is the follow up to Yoshi’s Island. Off the cusps of...

Freewind Rider
Oct 27, 15 11:52am

wrote a user review for Diddy Kong Racing (N64)


The Mario Kart series has been around for nearly two decades, but none of the games are quite as...

Alright Mega Man fans, Capcom revealed today that Mega Man Legends, originally released for the... posted Sep 22, 15 2:15pm

Capcom producer Yoshiaki Hirabyashi confirmed today that the 1998 survival-horror title, Resident... posted Aug 12, 15 8:45am

Rare is famous for having some of the best soundtracks in the business and based off of this... posted Aug 03, 15 1:28pm

Aug 02, 15 9:44pm
added a cheat to Paper Mario (N64)
Jul 29, 15 4:30pm
added a cheat to Mickey's Speedway USA (N64)