Mystic Heroes Cheats

Raising characters to maximum, and getting tons of items in fights to help you
Do this. Equip a strong jump magic that covers a wide area under you, and attacks while in the air, not as soon as you land. The perfect example is Tai's STORM move. It hits a widw area under him, and also does combo damage, and is pretty strong.

To get tons of items from a fight, gather a crowd of enemies. Let's say you run across the map, getting a lot of enemies to follow you. Then you run in a big circle around them, effectively rounding them up. Now make sure you have full magic, then jump into the middle of the crowd and bust continuous STORM attacks. If you run out of magic, wait for the enemies to gather, and keep doing the 360 attack until you magic is full, and them do more STORM moves. Not only will you get a 30+ combo, but since most of the enemies will die around the same time, you get this bonus-

- enemies drop items like crazy. At least half of these are status upgrade items! ALSO, you are guaranteed a heal item, in case you are low on life. Works great on any survival mode, and with the MP restore rune, man. You can really do some damage and become super human in no time!