Mystic Heroes Cheats

Dont want certain magic by default? Try this...
lets say you equip the rune that has the 'hp restore' effect, and the other rune is the one that has 'mp restore' as its effect. Let's say you use Tai. Tai has thunder magic which works well with any character, since thunder has great ranges, and is pretty darn powerful, i suggest giving them to everybody as long as storm is the jump-square attack and bolt is the triangle attack. Anyhow, the HP and MP restore runes have crap magic, only one slot. Sometimes the game will force you to use that magic, even thought Tai's default thunder magic is more useful. To get his default thunder magic, switch to a rune that has lotsa slots. pick that slot, then switch back to the HP or MP rune. Since that slot may become empty, the empty slot will become Tai's default magic. If done right, Tai will be godlike, with great thunder magic, near infinite HP and MP! This is just an example of how to combine default magic with runes that have magic you dont want, but effects you do want. Work with it to make your own great results for every character!

PS- even though tai's magic, and anybodys default magic is level 1, the thunder ones, through experience kai and tai's...(no, not the WWF guys) magic is still pretty strong by default. Thunder is the second strongest under fire magic, but has usually, more speed, with the exception of the shock orb. Also, its target magic can go the longest distance and even hit objects through walls!