Mystic Heroes Cheats

practical invincibility glitch/cheat
okay, so evading does always give you the result you want, wether its a slow character doing a slow evade animation, or not moving far enough away from the enemy.

i found that i could take out 3 Bruin's and 2 Brutes all in the same fight, by using this glitch to my advantage.

The 360 degree attack: to do this, rotate the left stick in a clockwise circle once, and when you come to the end of the motion, hit attack, and your character will become temporarily invincible and attack the enemies all around him or her, in a 360 degree circular attack. Get a boss or anybody near a wall and do this over and over, and you can juggle anybody. Brute getting too close? Keep doing this to hit him over and over while the majority of his attacks do nothing.

You STILL can be hit though. For a split split second at the beggining animation, since its different for each character, a slow character like Tai may take more time to prepare the move, so you can get hit early on by a quick attack, like arrows, etc, or prolonged magic attacks. Still, it's also a great way to fill the magic meter. Just run into a crowd and 360 them, then bust a coupla jump spells (square type usually) and watch them suffer.

this 360 motion is also great for fighting certain hard enemies that dont get stunned, like the zombie samurai, the kung fu skull head guys, and the skeletal magicians, since they cannot block this move!

This is an unblockable move, unless you are fighting Brute- the version of Brute that can only be hurt with magic attacks.
But Brute will still try to block it, so he wont attack. And by doing this, you still refill your magic meter!

ALso, this move can link for super combos. Example: 360 hit an enemy, and while they land, jump and press triangle with apporpriate spells. Let's just say 'bolt' for now. It will add more hits to the enemy. While the enemy is getting hit, run up to them before the attack stops, and attack normally. You will find that you can sort of juggle them. While hitting them now, do another 360 degree attack and repeat the process.

Also, doing this when cornering an enemy near the wall, even bosses like Kanon, works miracles. Send them flying, then do your normal 5 hit combo, before they land, 360 them again and repeat.