Mystic Heroes Cheats

Unlock Runes:
To unlock the following Runes, complete the required challenges listed below:
M1: Complete a 4-player versus match.
M2: Complete Shiga's Storyline
M3: Complete Lani's Storyline.
M4: Complete Tai's Storyline.
M5: Complete Naja's Storyline.
M6: Complete 10 Co-op matches.
M7: Complete 20 Co-op matches.
M8: Complete 20 Versus matches.
M9: Complete 50 versus matches.
S1: Complete Normal Survival Mode Beginner.
S2: Complete Normal Survival Mode Intermediate.
S3: Complete Normal Survival Mode Expert.
S4: Complete Hard Survival Mode Beginner.
S5: Complete Hard Survival Mode Intermediate.
S6: Complete Hard Survival Mode