Myst IV: Revelation review
The Best In a Series of Great Games

The good:

The graphics are detailed and life-like
A new and absorbing story
A camera to take pictures of clues
Memories to help us with the story
360 Degree view
More interaction with other characters
Zip Mode lets you "teleport" to other areas quickly
Even an in-game help map (you will probably need it)

The bad:

Puzzles get pretty annoying sometimes
The frame rate can get bad (if your computer is aging)
I sometimes experianced sound problems
Replay value is average at best.


Well, here we have a great game, in fact the best of the series. In the first few minutes I found this game to be worth every bit of the money I spent on it and then some. The visuals are stunning, characters talk and interact with you, zip mode is the 2nd best thing that happened to the series, with the first being the new camera, and even the music is perfect with slow mysterious melodies melding into fast paced daring ones. Last but not least is the story.

The story is simply amazing, I won't give it all away, but the main thing is: Sirrus and Achenar have been trapped in their prison worlds for a very long time. Atrus has no problem with this, his wife, Catherine is feeling guilty and misses her sons. This is where you come in; Atrus needs someone who does not lean to either side to decide if they have truly repented and are worthy to come back. As you go farther into the story you will learn of a plot (or plots) to do... (Well I can't tell you...) Anyway it's one of the greatest stories I've seen in a video game.

Truthfully this is one of the best games I've ever played and possibly my favorite P.C. game ever. I'd say the only big problems I have with it is that there is not much replay value (besides different endings), and some puzzles are VERY hard *coughmangreescough*. In spite of that it's still a great game, buy it if you are a fan of the series, and even if you aren't you will still get a great experience out of it. Buy it if you have the money and are in for a challenge.

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