Myst III: Exile review
eye candy, beautiful mind twisting

The good:

textures are amazing. nice 360 movement

The bad:

360 movement makes it easy to get lost
some of the movie bits are too long
neither point is big drawback and should not detere you from buying this game.


very visually stimulating. i am pretty new to computer games. i did not like the wierd feel of some older games, but the textures are amazing inn this game. A lot of detail in the gizmos/clues and even in the floor and ceiling. I just played the first myst and the 360 movement is a big improvement in myst3. The only drawback is sometimes the movement gets in the way of play, such as when you click ona spot you view changed direction and you can easily get turn the wrong way. the puzzles were very challenging. some of the movie bits were long and/or boring and you cannot escape them even if you have expierenced them before. All in all a great game definetly worth the money. Run out now and buy this game!!!!!

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