Myst III: Exile review

The good:

Graphics, 360 view, music, fun.

The bad:

Frame by Frame movement.


I loved this game. All the worlds were very enjoyable to walk through and just take in the scenery. The puzzles have a range of difficulty but are ultimatly solvable if you just take your time. The 360 view at every spot was a great idea and really emerses you in the world, and the sound track just fit perfect. The only thing that I didn't like is the frame by frame movement. I know that is how Myst has been done but I personally dont like it only because when you want to move around the world it takes you forever, especially when you know where you want to go. It just makes everything seem to take alot longer.
Personally when I played through this, I really felt like I was there. I was totally pulled in, the ambient sounds worked out great. The only thing that could seem a bit of a pain is all the puzzles. I know those last few really had me in a spot where I would play the game for a couple min. see what I could do and then I would have to stop playing because the puzzle was getting frustrating because nothign would work. At that point I had to sit down and come up with a new idea before I would even load the game up again. And just like any game, the more work/thought you put into it, the more satisfaction you get out of it when you finally crack the solution wide open.
Overall I would recomend this to alot, but not all people. If you like puzzles and are into good graphics and music then you want to play this. If you want action and all of that then maybe you should look around for something else.

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