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Myst III: Exile review
Myst Three : Exile : Sequel to Myst and Riven

The good:

~ Stunning 360 degree views ~ They really put their time into it. I found the views absolutely fantastic.

~Realistic Sound ~ How can you blame them, music is a leader factor of this game. From the magnifier plant to the cute little Squee, this will always top the charts.

~ The Puzzles ~ Atrus wrote these worlds for his sons, but now you have to solve them. I particually like the ball puzzles in Ameteria, with the sneaky suprise at the end. The hovering tower puts a real twist into the world.

~ They're sneaky ~ The hide stairs and ladders where you least suspect them, and when you have to get the Squee on top of the bridge, they can really hide the handle well.

~Gameplay ~ It gets a bit boring after you've finished it, but the graphic and amazing sound, the thrill of the puzzles and the top notch scenery make up for that.

~ Scenery ~ They have a way of making everything natural in the world, beautiful, colourful decoration. You may be suprised by how everything comes into use. They hide stuff among the scenery, so a quick eye is needed to keep up.

~ Moving ~ The cursor has always been the same, either moving around the screen, or stuck in the middle for optimistic views. The slow moving does not remotely slow you down, as in your second age, Jhanin, the bad guy, Saavedro, goes just a step ahead, and he got there first. He's even in a hurry to get up the ladder!

~ The Inventions ~ Atrus has designed the most beautiful, riddle-filled, marvellous worlds ever, with a little bit of help from Presto Studios. He has also created the smartest inventions ever, like the Orbiter. Move over, Thomas Edison!

~ Realisticness ~ Get absorbed into the scenery with Myst Three, the sound, puzzles, action, plus the wonderful graphics. And hey, you can look 360 degrees in real life standing in a single spot (by turning around), can't you?

The bad:

What bad things? Tell me one, that I haven't covered and solved. Go on, I dare you!


You have a lot to remember when Atrus, Catherine, Saavedro and the D'ni are involved, plus the two journals, one with almost never ending pages, who just tell you how to do a puzzle.

The graphics and music are sensational, fantastic, brilliant, marvellous, wonderful, beautiful, suprising, realistic, fabulous, and everything in between. Three Sixty Views, another trade mark of Exile.Scenery, brilliant. See everything I have, and you'll agree, this is the best game ever.

The gameplay has the tiniest bit of let down, but it has a rating of 9.9999999999999998 out of 10. This game is the best game ever. Prove me wrong, please, if there's a better game, I want it. And, yes, the action is perfectly alright, so do not post that in as a bad thing.

My ratings for this game are :

Sound 5 of 5
Graphics 5 of 5
Gameplay 4.9999999999999999998 of 5
Realisticness 5 of 5
Puzzles 5 of 5
Overall 5 of 5

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I appreciate your pointing out of problems, so do not be afraid to do so. Anyway, I am wasting your time for playing Exile, so ....

(skip scene to Grammy Awards)

"Best Game Ever Award goes to ....... Myst Three!" (applause) Perfecto!

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