Myst V: End of Ages Walkthrough v1.0
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Myst V: End of Ages Walkthrough

by Ghidrah   Updated to v1.0 on
MYST V End Of Ages

Title: Myst V End Of Ages
Producer: Ubi Soft
For: PC
MSWord: Courier New
By: Ghidrah

If anyone wishes to use this guide on their site, I would like to know. I don't 
have a problem with its use by others on Gaming forums, FAQ sites, or being 
copied for personal use. I'd like to know if it's to be used on a site though, 
just so I could drop by to ensure it hasn't been altered. So please send me 
your sites URL.

As with all my guides, find some legit trick I missed, I'll give you credit for 
it in the guide and an insert amendment to the guide where it will be used. 
As long as the trick, shortcut, etc., etc., can be validated by me without the 
use of any kind of cheat codes if (codes) exist for this PC version of the 




6/20/10 to 6/24/10

1. Refined and added info to Solutions, NOLOBEN; Dome Puzzle.
2. Corrected error in Solutions, LAKI-AHN; Lift Puzzle.
3. Added more detail to guide.

"End of ages" came out in 2005 and like "Revelation" from 2004 I didn't buy it. 
Pretty much because I didn't know about either game, I had the Myst 10th 
anniversary edition and URU ages beyond Myst. I always wondered, "How come they 
don't make another game?" 

So around the beginning of 2007 I tried to get my father into the series, he 
likes puzzles too and I thought this could be some good revenge, so I brought 
them over and left them there till August 08, I just finished building Frankie 
III, (latest computer) and wanted to get all my games back in the registry and 
on the new game HD. Well Dad had abused the DVDs like they were "Red headed 
step mules"! Probably as coasters for his Cape Codders and or Screw Drivers, 
(mixed drinks), they were so scratched I couldn't get most of them to load 
properly. I held off buying and or looking for replacements till the late 
summer 09 which is when I found out about URU Complete Chronicles, Revelation 
and End of ages. I talked wifey into buying Chronicles as a Xmas present and I 
immediately bought Myst 4 and 5.

Don't get me wrong, End of Ages has great graphics, great looking ages, a 
decent end story and a couple cool puzzles, but it left me wanting. For the 
most part all the previous games gave some pretty decent clues as to where to 
go and pretty much what to do when you got there. You always had to pay strict 
attention and some of the clues were fairly vague, but most often there was 
enough of a thread to follow to solve the puzzles. When there weren't any clues 
to a puzzle it wasn't so overly obscure as to be completely baffling, with a 
little guesswork, trial and error and stumbling about they could all be solved.

End of ages has a couple of, (I think) misleading clues and or non existent 
clues to a few puzzles that I don't think are fair examples. The Bahro 
symbol/pressure plate/lift/ puzzle below the Trading Post in Laki'ahn. In 
Noloben, atop Esher's sanctuary with the Bahro symbol/pressure plate/ puzzle 
and in Todelmer locating one of the pedestal symbols. 

The two pressure plate puzzles do have clues, which I figured related to the 
symbols in Yeesha's journals. With trial and error I was able to solve both. 
But it was just plain luck regarding the Todelmer pedestal symbol, do a few 
things different and I don't think anyone would ever find it without a paid for 
guide, Cyan's online help which I'd bet is/was pay for help or a player written 
game guide.

I may be wrong, but I think I have the chronology correct regarding the Life of 
Yeesha. She appears in Exile as a newborn; later in Myst IV "Revelation" she 
appears as a 10 year old cutie. In the game URU, which was created before 
Revelation she appears to be anywhere from mid 20s to a mid 30 something woman. 
Lastly in "End of Ages" she appears as an older 50 something woman with graying 
at the temples. 

Catherine is deceased and Atrus speaks at the beginning of the game and then 
appears as a near feeble old man at the very end of the game. I'm going to have 
to play URU again; I thought I remembered Yeesha saying her parents were long 
gone somewhere in one of her monologs.
If I remember correctly Exile takes place something like 15 to 20 years after 
MYST. So, the storyline stretches for maybe 60 to 70 years.

Now for Esher and Yeesha, maybe I missed something in the monologs of both but 
Esher appears in all the ages of EOA even beside the KEEPs, Yeesha appears at 
the beginning and end of the story in both cases at the KEEP and then at 
Releeshahn. She swipes at the tablet and passes through it, is it because the 
tablet responded to MF? If the stone doesn't respond to her because MF touched 
it how come she and or Esher hasn't/can't/don't/won't enter the KEEPs replace 
the slates and take the main tablet on his/her own before I touched it? If the 
tablet doesn't give a 2nd chance, how come Yeesha is willing to accept it at 
the end of the game?



I left (Video and Audio) alone, they seem to render the games graphics and 
sound fine. As for Controls I use (Free Move Advanced) then I set Rotate left 
to (Q) and Rotate Right to (E). I've been comfortable with these keys for said 
movement for pretty much all the PC games I play.


This guide will be as close to -0- spoiler as my limited cleverness can make 
I'm writing the guide while playing the game for the 3rd time, but following 
the route I played on my 1st time through. This route may or may not be the 
route "INTENDED" by Cyan, I did take a somewhat different route on the 2nd run 
but I can't tell that it makes a difference which route or order you do things 
in as long as you pick up and read the Yeesha journals and refer back to 
comments from Esher. As for the journals, only one book is of ultimate 

The game supplies you with a small virtual note book however I prefer a real 
8X11 notepad; it provides an immediate review of a larger volume of notes or 
symbols and I basically stink at typing so it takes too long.

What better place to hide a tree than in a forest! Remember the game creator's 
job is to conceal info, to hide it in the colorful background, in the 
character's monologs, in journals and creating "Red herrings" to throw one off 
a scent trail to truth, (I know, it sounds like a Tick idiom), anyway the 
technique is used to make the game more interesting. 

So, if you're new to the Myst series or haven't played any of the games for 
some time, odds are you forget many and or all the ins and outs. So, like 
someone new to the game you must be hyper vigilant and meticulously explore 
everything, you never know what isn't important till the fat lady sings eh! 

The Avatar leads with and relies on the hand icon to let you know when and 
where you can go and what you can interact with. A visible hand icon with a 
sort of pointing finger or open hand, the hand icon can be faded, (general 
condition) or vivid which indicates something you can interact with. 

If you haven't played EOA before at a minimum I suggest saving at the beginning 
of each age and at the beginning of each scary puzzle. You don't begin the game 
with the "SAVE CAMERA" but acquire it shortly after starting the game

To save right click anywhere on screen, move the cursor up high right on the 
screen to bring down the books and camera, (blue ball) left click the camera 
and a save will appear in the brown book to the left of the camera.

Upper right hand corner of your monitor, a blue book, 1st on left; this book 
holds all the speeches given by Esher and Yeesha during the game. You can refer 
to it whenever you need help remembering any helpful info imparted.

Will be visited many times as you move through it or around it, (depending on 
the route you take to complete the game). Direbo is a nexus for the ages that 
links back to the great shaft, (Re-gah-ro-ti-wah) which you will visit a couple 
three times in this guide.


3. RE-GAH-RO-TI-WAH, (great shaft)
5. RE-GAH-RO-TI-WAH, (return)
7. RE-GAH-RO-TI-WAH, (return)



After you load the game onto your Pile, long for "POS", (a highly technical 
computer term) click on the game icon to get things rolling. The controls 
default to Myst classic until you change them but only after you arrive in 
game. Once you're in game go to options, (upper right hand corner screen) and 
set it up to what you're comfortable with, there aren't many options so it 
won't take long.

You arrive in the same room you meet Atrus in when you begin MYST, the 1st game 
in the long series. There's a bunch of not so ape looking things in the room 
and they blink out as you enter. I think they're Bahro, which I saw for the 1st 
time at the end of "URU Ages beyond MYST". 

Now you're alone and the room is empty save for a makeshift desk and a locked 
MYST book sitting on it. You can't interact with the book, so get moving and 
explore the room. If you explore carefully you'll find the only exit in short 
time. Once you're out of the room the passage parallels the 1st room and leads 
down a couple three four sets of stairs to a narrow passage.

On your way to the passage there is a spot between the 1st and 2nd flights of 
stairs that allows one a view into a very large high ceiling chamber it seems 
to be from the back of a balcony over looking a larger lower section of the 
chamber. A Bahro is perched on an arch within a window structure on the far 
wall and there are bat like animals flittering about everywhere. 

On the floor between the 3rd and 4th flight of stairs and just before the 
narrow passage there is the "Save Camera Ball ... Thing" and a journal to write 
in, pick them up as you enter the passage and pass through into the much larger 
room. OK, so there are at least 3 Bahro in the large chamber, they're shy 
creatures that link out when you approach them. 

Explore the room; take note of the big soap bubble thing in front of the huge 
arched window, it's ringed with tusks and at the center of the bubble it looks 
like it has a series of 4 interlocking stone pedestal things. They remind me of 
rearing animals with big flat heads or maybe a mane like that of a male lion.
On top of each pedestal, (the mane) there is a symbol, one has a clipped oval 
another is a pentagon, another shaped like an arrow head and another like a 1/4 
round or slice of bread. The pedestals and their bases have writing all over. 

When you step into the bubble you can hear seagulls and waves lapping at a 
shore. If you look out from inside you can see what appears to be 4 different 
ages, a space age, beach, cave and ice age. 

You may explore the room and bubble and eventually become frustrated if you 
don't pay attention to the hand icon, so pay attention and be thorough as you 
explore. Once you locate and contact the interaction point it will burst and 
sound like glass shattering, the story will continue from there. Yeesha will 
appear as you exit the bubble and go into her monolog, when she's done she'll 
link you to a new above ground location where you'll meet Esher.


Esher will launch into his Yeesha diatribe and then link out. 

Alone again, look about and get your bearing. It may not be too much of a 
stretch to consider that this is the caldera of the dormant volcano from URU? 
The volcano the Bahro run up to and drop down into at the end of URU.

So explore a little, notice the boulder with the 2 people, (Atrus and 
Catherine)? The fracture and the prison cell used to restrain My Friend when 
you linked onto Riven? I think the 2nd boulder represents Atrus, Catherine and 
the 2 sons while they were young and on Myst. I think the symbols above and or 
below Atrus and Catherine represent each person's writing ideology. Atrus is 
structure and Catherine vision or compassion. Enjoy and speculate on the images 
till you find the hole, drop down and begin your new adventure.


From the bottom of the ladder you'll see a couple Bahro, some bats, a couple 
small caves and a tunnel. Once in the tunnel you'll find the 1st of 12 books, 
(Yeesha's journals). Read each one as you find them, they're not long and some 
of them contain relevant info regarding your journey. You'll have continued 
access to each and all books as you find them for future reference.

I continue right toward the 2nd journal and pick it up as I head for the 
opening on the left at the end of the tunnel. Enter the room and discover it as 
a sort of sleeping quarters. A 3rd journal, an imager thing a linking book and 
a schematic of what appears to be the caldera a big honkin vertical shaft and 
maybe an elevator. Activate the imager and then stand clear of the spit flying 
from Yeesha's virtual mouth, she has great hate for the, (I guess D'ni) If I 
understand correctly it appears the D'ni used the Bahro as slaves and or worse 
to build the D'ni civilization/empire.


Access Linking book #1; it brings you to a swamp like place that Esher calls 
"Direbo" a place of rest. It's a nexus of soap bubbles with pedestals within 
and each bubble is linked to the next by small albeit gated bridges. All the 
gates are locked from the bubble side, so for the moment unlock the 2 gates and 
enter the bubble. There's a Pentagonal slate, (Home Plate) on the pedestal and 
the pedestal is supposed to take you to Tahgira. On the pedestal is a lit 
outline of the slate touch it and be transported to Tahgira.



If you didn't pick up the slate before linking to Tahgira notice that it 
follows you to the age. Esher is waiting for you and as you'll soon discover 
vis-à-vis another slew of invective regarding the Bahro. Tahgira is the ice age 
seen from the Atrus prison bubble and Tahgira was also treated as a prison age 
by the D'ni. Esher will also tell you that the Bahro placed the slate in 
Tahgira before winking out. Explore the cave; you'll make a discovery, (1st 
puzzle) its clue and solution should be obvious. Pay attention to the ambient 
sounds and what you see as you move about the cave, they'll add clues needed to 
solve the cave exit puzzle.

Once outside in the pit you can see a bright white symbol on the ice wall above 
the pit, shortly you'll discover it's a "Power Symbol", (my term) one exists in 
each age and as Esher pointed out they're symbols that the Bahro will act upon 
when correctly drawn on a slate and then dropped to the ground. The main trick 
is to learn when and where to use a power symbol to your benefit.

You'll soon discover you can't climb the ladder out of the pit with the slate, 
so you'll have to drop it. Climb out of the pit and head for the pedestal, 
there you'll find yet another symbol on the pedestal. A Bahro will snatch the 
slate you dropped and take it back to the bubble in the cave.

Pedestal symbols are symbols that link the slate to that particular pedestal. 
There may be many pedestals with symbols in each age; they can be helpful when 
moving about the age. Experiment/play with them to learn how to use them best.

Take note of the 1st linking pedestals linking symbol, (an anchor), link back 
to the bubble, copy the symbol to the slate drop it and back away. A Bahro will 
come, pick it up, link to and place it on the 1st linking pedestal. Once the 
symbol appears on the bubble pedestal touch the symbol and link to it. Once 
there remove the slate and continue deeper into the age. 

I suggest testing the power symbol now so that you'll have some idea what 
happens when it is activated. Look around, it sounds and feels like a wind 
storm, but the only visible action appears to be steam geysers, other than that 
there's no other event to link it to yet. I tried the power symbol after 
entering each new section of the age until I found out what it did.

Eventually you'll begin to see some treelike things and structures with large 
pipes leading off into the distance. I suggest you explore the age thoroughly 
before making any decisions. There are few clues but they do point toward the 
solution. Eventually you'll find a 2nd pedestal, (arrowhead) place the slate 
and continue to explore. As you approach the structure ahead and to the left of 
the 2nd pedestal Esher will pop in and pass on more info. When he leaves the 
area continue to explore the structure. 

You'll soon discover like climbing the ladder that you'll be unable to perform 
certain tasks while holding the slate. 

Locate the image on the wall inside the structure; it looks like a tic-tac-toe 
grid with the top layer of squares missing. I suggest accurately drawing the 
grid on your notepad for future reference, when done continue to explore. 

Follow the pipes, as you follow the pipes you'll come to a manifold, (you'll 
discover each set of pipes has it's own manifold) the manifold has 3 levers and 
the color on the manifold will be red or blue depending on which set of pipes 
you followed. Are the colors familiar? The levers are recessed in the manifold 
and can't be accessed. 

Continue to a pond take note of the grid in the water and the rings that are 
placed in the same fashion as in the diagram found in the structure. Try 
crossing the pond to the other side, the game won't let you.
So, it appears that we're at an impasse. 

What have we done?
1. tried the power symbol at 3 different places; so far, (excluding geysers and 
light) nothing happens.

What do we want to do?
1. Get to the other side of the pond

What do we know?
1. There are 6 structures in the age 3 to the left and 3 to the right with a 
lever and pipe leading to and or away from them.
2. The pipes from the 6 structures lead to 2 manifolds, the left manifold has 3 
two toned red and white valves on it. The right side manifold has 3 blue and 
white two toned valves.
3. There're 27 possible lever combinations for each manifold
4. The grid image in the hollow structure and the pipe grid in the pond match 
down to the breaks in the pipe.
5. The grid image shows 3 red rings on the left and 3 blue rings on the right 
which co-insides with the valves on the 2 manifolds and the rings within the 
pond grid.
6. Each manifold lever has 3 positions, Left, Center and Right.
7. So far we can't access the manifold levers.

What do we need to do?
1. Activate the levers on the 6 structures.

As you flip the levers on the structures Esher will appear and give more info 
regarding the age. So far the age was used for D'ni prisoners who may have 
erected the structures, that the Bahro can be forced to tasks and that there is 
a pre-existing life form.

What do we know?
1. When the Bahro respond to the power symbol geysers appear all over the age, 
2. If the Bahro create heat maybe the 6 structures supply the heat to the life 
forms in the pond?
3. The rings at the pond pipe intersections may be the valves controlled by the 
manifold levers.

Once on the other side of the pond Esher will appear and give more instructions 
regarding the Bahro follow them to the KEEP, (the bubbles are known as 
"KEEPS"). Locate the linking pedestal and place the slate on it, if you let the 
Bahro take the slate during the lever puzzle then copy the 3rd pedestal's 
symbol and link to the Age KEEP. Draw the symbol back away and let the Bahro 
take it, once the symbol appears on the pedestal link to the 3rd pedestal. Take 
the slate and approach the multidimensional "TARDIS" KEEP to identify the 
symbol within, draw it and step away. Link to the Age KEEP and then to the 
Tablet KEEP.
Esher appears gives more info, like the starting point of the game, (Atrus 
childhood prison) is known as K'veer and that the end level Tablet "KEEPS" and 
the one in K'veer are the same and exist in many places at once, so expect them 
to exist in the next 3 ages. 

So the Age slates and the tablet in the K'veer and Tahgira KEEP are one in the 
same and appear to exist in many ages at the same time which still doesn't 
explain why they can't and or won't touch them, so from now on the KEEP with 
all 4 age pedestals and tablet will be called the TARDIS.

Enter the TARDIS; touch the stone, then the age plate, then the Direbo symbol 
exit the KEEP then touch the book and link back to the sleeping quarters cave.


3. RE-GAH-RO-TI-WAH, (great shaft)

Exit the room and head back to the opposite end of the tunnel. On the right 
side of the tunnel wall just past the cave access on the left there's some 
writing with the numbers 20 and 15 painted on the wall I can't figure out what 
the letters mean and may eventually go back to Revelation to try and decipher 
them at a later date. Just past the wall numbers the tunnel wall has been 
busted up creating a large hole providing access to a large circular room. As 
you explore the large room Esher appears admits to failing the very quest you 
are on, but says that his failure can be beneficial to you and before linking 
out directs you to the door. 

So Esher also had possession of and or attempted to acquire the tablet and 
messed up like Yeesha?

You'll easily find the 4th book and then the only working lever in the room 
which opens the door leading to a new area. The new area turns out to be the 
big honkin shaft you saw in the drawing in the 1st cave. Explore the area, you 
have no access to the shaft spiral past the 2nd level, the only access to the 
shaft is the elevator to the right of the entry point.

The images on the Yeesha ledgers are the same images etched or painted on the 
boulders found in the caldera.
If you circle the shaft clockwise to the elevator, pull the lever and ride it 
down you'll miss out on another speech by Esher. Esher calls the great shaft 
Re-gah-ro-ti-wah and then blames Yeesha's great granny for the D'ni demise.

Access the elevator, ride it down and locate the 2nd cave. Find and read the 
5th book then link out to Direbo via the #2 linking book.

Direbo, (revisited)

Unlock 2 more bridge gates and then enter the KEEP. The slate in the KEEP is 
shaped like the arrowhead symbol on the 2nd linking pedestal in Tahgira. Link 
out by touching the lit Arrowhead symbol on the pedestal to the next age. 



Ooh it so Spacey! So explore and look for Kevin, (not the giant bird). Follow 
the path and take note of all the cables running out to the big thingies on top 
of the monoliths towering up from the ground. Eventually you arrive at a level 
area that has a large red lit opening in the wall with machines inside. If you 
do a thorough look about you'll see a brightly lit symbol and 2 numbers high up 
on the wall, (6 and 1) which may be important.

Enter the red room and meet up with Esher for some not so useful info on the 
age. Explore the room, head up the steps to the devices and discover they don't 
work. Eventually you'll end up at the rear of the room standing in front of a 
big round bluish thing with 2 levers. 

Grab a lever and move it, see that the blue screen thing gets brighter and 
darker depending on where the lever is. I had no idea what this was about and 
only lucked into it by chance because I decided to see how bright the orb could 
get. Once the ring began rotating as the 2nd lever apparently reached its 
brightest setting did it make sense, (I hate it when that happens). So, we now 
have power to the red room, return to the red room and the devices on the upper 
level. They are now activated and it's easy to see that the symbol from high up 
on the exterior wall matches to one of the devices. 

Move the horizontal and vertical levers on the device to match the D'ni numbers 
on the exterior wall, (6 and 1). Press the flashing green button and watch the 
star field in the round viewing window change position. I'm pretty sure the 4 
big ray gun things are telescopes and the devices in the red room align them. 
There are also 3 small levers above and to the right of each telescope screen 
that provides 3 magnification values of the area of space within the screen.

Inspect the other devices and discover that each one has a symbol like the one 
on the wall but oriented differently. One of the 4 appears to be broken, the 
thing is lit but there's static on the screen. Exit the red room and continue 
on your way up the stairs.

Soon you end up at a pile of cable blocking your way to the top of the tower; 
this may relate to the broken device in the red room. The cables likely move 
and or change the orientation of the big ray gun looking telescope things on 
the monoliths. Head back to the red room and to the broken device.

What do we know?
1. The cable is blocking the path and needs to be cleared away
2. As an example from the 1st device changing the position of the device levers 
may move the broken cable out of the way.
3. Each device has 25 settings per lever meaning; there are 625 possible 
combinations, (25X25=625).
4. OYE!

With no idea where to start I moved the left lever all the way down to 25 then 
pressed the green button and then checked the path, nothing. I went back and 
pulled it all the way up to 25, pressed the button, checked and the cable had 
moved out of the way.

After a little bit of testing I found that the left lever can be set as low as 
17 and still clear the cable out of the path without ever moving the horizontal 
I was hoping to find a cleverly hidden clue leading to the cable solve. Most 
often when there appears to be no puzzle clue it usually means the drudge work 
of trial and error and in this case I dreaded the thought of 625 possible 
combinations. So I felt considerably lucky to stumble onto a solution after 2 
tries but wanting for a lack of clues to it. I even tried the slate image at 
the end of Yeesha's 3rd journal because of the Statement, (The least are my 
friends, I must use the least wisely) even though the slate didn't match the 

As you reach the mesa like top of the monolith you discover a mini telescope, a 
central dome with cables radiating out through 4 massive cantilevered pulleys 
to 3 of the 4 telescopes, a larger dome to the side and an enormous wheel sort 
of recessed in the outer edge of the mesa. You get an excellent look at the 
surrounding landscape from this elevation with little to obstruct your view. 

Explore thoroughly!!!

1st I hit the small telescope for a Boo, you'll soon locate some brightly lit 
and important info on another monolith, copy it down. Close to the info there 
appears to be a platform and cable car. Spend some time locating all possible 
objects of interest within the purview of the scope. 

When your satisfied with your scope inspection circle the plateau's perimeter 
for a panoramic view; locate all the telescopes and monolithic towers. Take 
note, there's an extra monolith of interest, it's further away and lit up at 
the top like the other towers but you didn't see it through the small 
telescope. Why? 

The Large dome is open and it has a map on the wall that shows the 4 
telescopes, (red Pac man things), the other big monolith and I think the 
smaller/narrow one seen from the mesa (blue circles with X marks). The door has 
a light on it that when pressed closes to reveal a 2nd light that opens up a 
set of hidden stairs to a lower level of the tower. Follow it down to a 
platform; the platform has a panel on the right with 2 levers. Look up; this 
looks like the bottom side of the big honkin wheel on top of the mesa and 
there's a cable running out toward the other big monolith.

For the moment I head back to the red room, locate the correct telescope and 
use the info found on the other monolith, set the co-ordinates and then return 
to the small telescope on the plateau. The distant narrow monolith is still 
obscured. It seems pretty clear now that the big recessed wheel is for the 
cable car and not a telescope.

What do we want to do?
1. View and or gain access to the distant narrow monolith.
2. Gain access to the other large monolith.

What do we know?
1. There are 3 monoliths within the small telescopes range; one can be viewed 
the other is even more distant and blocked from the telescope by a large wheel. 
2. The other large monolith is connected by cable to the one you're on and the 
other narrow monolith may be accessible but currently it isn't and may have a 
3. Below the big wheel is a platform with levers that may affect the cable car 
and or wheel.

With this info you can clear an LOS path from the small telescope to the 
distant narrow monolith for a visual. Once you confirm the symbol for the 1st 
linking pedestal of the age, copy it and return to the KEEP, copy the symbol to 
the slate and step away. Once the new symbol appears on the KEEP pedestal touch 
it and link away. When you arrive at the distant narrow monolith pedestal hop 
onto the telescope and look around. 

The monolith you began the age on is easy to find and right above the opening 
to the red room are the coordinates you found earlier for the 1st telescope. 
So, that was too easy and you didn't need this telescope for already known 
coordinates so why here? 

As you meticulously explore with the small telescope and attempt to view the 
other large monolith you soon discover most of it is blocked by one of the 
large telescopes. As you look for any spot on the monolith to scope in on 
you'll see the upper lit section. As you close in on the upper lit section 
you'll see the obvious bright blue dot through a convenient hole at the top of 
the inner (altitude?) ring. As you continue to scope in, the 2nd linking 
pedestal and its symbol appears.

I think this is a totally cruel puzzle, if you're not entirely lucky to fall 
onto it, (setting the 2nd telescopes co-ordinates before accessing the 
monolith) or Adrian Monk you'll be forced to get help.

Grab the slate, draw the symbol, drop the slate and back away. Once the Bahro 
links out link to the KEEP and then to the new location. As you begin to 
explore the mesa Esher appears, imparts new instructions implying a trip to 
somewhere else, forcing the Bahro to do something, (with true acid in his 
voice) and then links out. You see another large wheel and locked dome and not 
much else. Take the stairs down to a small telescope, if there's something to 
find from it I can't figure out what it is.  

Move over to the ledge and take a gander at the cable car below. You can't get 
to it. Apparently pulling the near lever on the tram platform to move the big 
wheel for a look at the 2nd pedestal symbol moved the tram out of position. 
Return to the KEEP and then to the cable car platform at the 1st monolith. The 
upper lever flips left to right, flip it left and pull the near lower lever 
down one time. When completed return to the 2nd large monolith above the 
tramcar. You now have access to the tram and the lower level of the 2nd 

The lower level of this monolith is set up different from the 1st one. The 
power station, (blue ball with 2 levers) is in this area and this tower doesn't 
have a red room. 

This power station is a smidge trickier than the 1st one, best suggestion is to 
set up centered and as far from the device as possible and still be able to 
work it. The reason being if you're too close you may not be able to accurately 
detect the correct screen brightness with both levers.

Once you have the power running continue to explore the tower. Once you have 
access to the dome you'll find the age's power symbol, copy it onto your 
notepad and open the door to the plateau. Explore, discover nothing new and 
head back to the pedestal for the slate and then make your way back to the 
cable car.

Pull the lever inside the tram and glide away to the small middle pylon where 
you'll discover another telescope coordinate and what appears to be an image of 
the ringed planet above. Pull the tram lever again to complete the trip back to 
the 1st monolith. Go to the red room and set the final coordinates on the 3rd 

If and when you placed the slate on the floor of the tram you quickly 
discovered that it didn't want to go with you on your ride. Startling, but no 
big deal, the Bahro pick it up and drag it back to the pedestal once you reach 
the 1st monolith return to the KEEP, link back to the other big monolith for 
the slate and then return to the KEEP.

One thing that really irks me is that the small telescope on the distant narrow 
monolith gets a clear close up view of the middle cable pylon yet the 
coordinates can't be seen.

After setting the coordinates play with the 3 small viewing levers above the 
screen. So, what's left to do? 

What do we know?
1. All 3 available telescopes have been aligned to the coordinates found. 
2. The 3rd and last telescope altered has a portion of the ringed planet in 
3. We have a power symbol we haven't used yet.
4. Esher says align the stars and planets, use the Bahro to do it and that our 
destination is above, (the ringed planet)?

So, head out of the red room to see the planet, take note that the rings of the 
image from the mid pylon and that of the planet are positioned differently. 
Copy the power symbol to the slate, drop it and step away to see what happens. 
The Bahro appears by the slate; wiggles, jiggles and giggles and then links 
out. Grab the slate before the Bahro comes back for it and see what transpires. 
Observe the planet's ring system; it's moving, rotating clockwise so that the 
ring/disk is moving toward the 12 o'clock position and getting closer to the 
image of it on the pylon. Lastly check out the giant killer cyclone charging 
across the distant planet. 

When the event ends the rings aren't quite in position regarding the image from 
the pylon, so use the slate again and, "Make it so number one". Remember to 
retrieve the slate before returning to the red room. The rectangular clock 
thing up high at the back of the room is rotating very fast. Remember the image 
of the planet appearing on the telescope? Return to it and wait for the event 
to end. 

Once the event ends the planet should take up a good 1/3 of the round screen. 
There's a very small bright flickering clue, bring it into view. Once you 
locate the last linking symbol copy it, "EXACTLY" to the slate, drop it and 
move away. The Bahro get kinda pissy on replicating this one so hold off till 
it takes it away. Head back to the KEEP, link to wherever it is in the 
planetary ring system and then take in the killer view out the ports once Esher 
is done flapping his gums. When you've had your fill enter the TARDIS, touch 
the slate and then link out to Todelmer. Once you appear in the KEEP, link to 
Direbo, exit the KEEP and link back to Re-gah-ro-ti-wah the Shaft.



Exit the room and continue to explore. You'll find book #6 to the left of the 
2nd elevator and discover that you can't make a complete loop around the spiral 
to the 1st elevator due to a collapse of the walkway. Pull the lever, wait for 
the elevator and ride it down. A very colorful place; as you explore Esher pops 
in for some info and tells you how to succeed.

Explore the upper area, you find a set of stairs down and a Bahro who wants to 
play "Don't Get Me!" give chase. Eventually you'll find another set of stairs 
heading down and toward the center of the shaft. At the bottom is a big upside-
down bucket with a blue button on its bottom, the 7th Yeesha book and 2 
openings leading out to the bottom floor of the shaft. 

Continue exploring, at the center of the room is, (a hassock?) Continue across 
the floor to a 2nd set of steps that lead to another room with another big 
upside-down bucket, this one has a yellow button on the bottom. If you follow 
the stairs up you end up at back at the top of the stairs where you saw the 
Bahro after getting off the elevator. 

So, Esher said to get the fans running and there are 3 items to deal with, 2 
buckets and a hassock. I'm guessing since the buckets are/would be found first 
as one descends the stairs they would be the gadgets to deal with 1st. If one 
follows the Bahro then the blue bucket would be found before the yellow one, so 
I'm heading for blue then yellow and then the hassock.

I don't think it really matters which colored button you press first as long as 
you don't flop around after beginning the procedure.

Once you press down on the hassock the floor begins to rise up to the 
cantilevered spans at the 4 corners of the circular room. This gives you access 
to another section of the shaft once blocked by the lowered floor. It turns out 
to be 2 rooms; the 1st larger room has a device sporting a lever and the 8th 
book. Read the book and pull the lever. Something inside the device starts 
turning, (fan or motor Idahno?) 

Enter the 2nd room to discover it's another sleeping quarters, the linking book 
has the #3 on it and so this is sleeping room #3. Watch the video Yeesha left, 
link out to Direbo and then to.

I'm not bothering to open the gates anymore; they're useless unless you miss a 
Direbo book and want to go back to whatever area you think you missed it in the 
quickest route possible.



Nice place, minus the big blackening clouds above a possible island. We're 
beachside, small islets surrounding a larger one; maybe originally it was all 
one larger landmass. Further up the beach to the right maybe some gear and a 
lean-to. Esher is to the left in the distance and maybe a lean-to behind him. I 
figure I'll make him wait; he became a major creep out in Todelmer. I'm heading 
to the right to see what's what over there. After a little exploration its 
obvious the shore is blocked off and aside from the ladder and cave opening 
there isn't much to do at this time. The cave tunnel is blocked off about 30 
feet in and a rope ladder, (once you pull the hanging rope it unravels) giving 
access to the Mesa. I think I'll hold off exploring the upper level till after 
I talk to Esher, so might as well get it out of the way and hear what he has to 

So this is Noloben the home of the Bahro. Tiny, Ida gone bigger seems odd 
they'd pick such a small place to call home. Esher sounds particularly bitter 
in this speech.

The condition and shape of the bases of the island and ring islets makes me 
think of a great inrush of water or series of them in the distant and not so 
distant past. So maybe the place was more massive but due to deluge 
catastrophes major portions have been eroded away.

Continue exploring, ahead and to the left against the cliff is the lean-to, as 
you approach it, the easy guess is that it's a shrine. There are symbols etched 
into the cliff above 4 bowls and a stone egg looking thing. The thing at the 
base of the shrine may be an altar. It's the same shape as the Age slate and 
has a power symbol etched into it. The symbol looks like it represents rain, 
the tarp covering the shrine has 4 holes cut into it and the 4 bowls are below 
the cuts. Easy guess is the bowls fill up with water. I'm going to explore 
whatever else there is to see along the beach then come back to the shrine. 

Ooh a tunnel! It goes to another part of the island and has snakes slithering 
about the floor. If you hang around for a bit and then follow a snake you'll 
see it slither into a little black hole in the sandy floor. When you exit the 
tunnel you'll see tonza odd looking birds hanging about on the out crop of 
little isles and you can't get them to move at all. Too bad the game doesn't 
allow MF to throw rocks. Once you move out onto the beach you can see an islet 
with a big stone door, the islet is very close and you can walk out to it. 

The door has a tree etched into it. As you turn away from the door you should 
notice a bright object sitting on top of a massive boulder atop the Mesa. 
Continue exploring this end of the island till you're forced back to the 

If you aren't carrying the slate with you grab it from the KEEP and return to 
the shrine. Once at the shrine draw the power symbol on the slate as shown on 
the alter thing and place it on the altar. 

Initially I thought the slate had to be on the altar then only needed to touch 
the altar to get the Bahro to summon the rain. Now I'm sure it doesn't need to 
touch it at all. I must have been reproducing the power symbol poorly.

Pick up the slate as the Bahro exits the area, the rain will continue for a 
minute, while it's raining you'll begin to see the symbols on the wall appear 
in the water bowls. Try to place MF directly in front of the altar so that you 
acquire the correct symbols. Write them down on your notepad for future 

Now it's time to explore the Mesa, head over to the rope ladder and climb up to 
the plateau. You can drop the slate and let the Bahro deal with it or drop it 
off onto the KEEP pedestal as you pass by.

The holes at the base of the rope ladder look like the snake holes in the 
tunnel but they are much bigger and I never saw a snake outside the tunnel.

Explore the plateau and take note of the resemblance to something else already 
seen. The 4 satellite stones have symbols engraved around their tops which can 
rotate left or right. The egg shaped stone dome in the center of the plateau 
has small portholes on its side, most are covered and you can see symbols on 
the outside of the shutters. When you look into the dome you can see other 
symbols on the wall above every one of the portholes.

With little effort it's easy to deduce that the symbols represent numbers from 
1 to 15. l=1, #=4, 0=5. Continue following the symbols counter clockwise to see 
all 15 symbols. If Esher is D'ni why does he use a different numerical system?

So after exploring the plateau and the structures you may recall the symbols on 
the shrine and that they are represented on the satellite stones and on the 
inside of the dome.

What do we want to do?
1. Continue deeper into the blocked tunnel.
2. Get past the big stone door on the islet.
3. Get into the stone dome on the plateau.

What do we know?
1. The shrine on the beach is a miniature of the structures on the plateau.
2. All symbols on the inside of the dome and many on the on the shrine are 
numbers, most or all the symbols on the satellite stones are not numbers, 
although 2 look like the numbers 3 and 4.
3. The satellite tops can rotate so that one of the many symbols can be aligned 
with a symbol etched on their base.
4. The dome has small portholes, (windows) that have shutters you can raise or 
5. The shutters have symbols on their exterior side that can be seen when the 
shutter is lowered.
6. The symbols reflected in the water bowls are the numbers 12, 2, 9 and 4 in a 
clockwise rotation.

What do we need to do?
1. Locate the numbers reflected in the shrines water bowls inside the dome. 
2. Find out if the shutter symbols related to the shrine numbers match up with 
any of the symbols on the satellite stones.
3. If any of the symbols match then to line the correct symbol to the correct 
satellite stone/shrine water bowl.

When you turn a top on a satellite stone you hear a loud grinding sound 
emanating from the island's interior. It is no indicator that you have the 
correct symbol on the correct satellite stone but that the sound is from an 
object moving. 

Regarding the plateau structures and the shrine, there are 2 orientation 
possibilities that stand out, the Islet with the stone door or the ladder 
leading up to the plateau. Either of these markers could represent the power 
symbol slate in front of the shrine. I, (Mr. Thicky) of course picked the 

So, once I had all the symbols lined up I ran over to the ledge overlooking the 
islet with the stone door to discover it's still closed ... figures. I return 
to the beach and locate the tunnel close to the ladder; (loud noise when 
satellite stones reset), once I'm past the 1st stone door I begin to see snakes 
crawling about. After the 4th door there's a long winding tunnel to a central 
cave that rises up to the top of the plateau. To the left is a linking 
pedestal. I link back to the KEEP, grab the slate, draw the linking symbol on 
it, drop it and back away. Annnd the Bahro leaves the slate and links away ... 
lazy good for nothings ... Geez do I gotta do everything!

Crap! The Bahro won't take the slate, so pick it up and hoof it back through 
the tunnel to the room and place it on the pedestal. Once back inside the 
plateau explore your way up into the dome. You can see the shuttered openings 
from the base of the stairs. As you climb up Esher appears on the steps to 
impart some needed info on dome access, the Bahro and the big tablet thing at 
the center of the big main KEEP.

So Esher calls this a "Lab"! Once on the wooden platform locate the pin board 
with all the notes and drawings. Note that you can climb the cage but that you 
can't reach the ladder above. What did Esher say to do? If you can't recall use 
the speech journal and read it again. 

Esher doesn't say whether or not the snakes are indigenous or that he imported 
them to KEEP the Bahro out of his sanctuary. It's the Bahro's home port why 
would they hang around a place with something they hate or fear? Regarding the 
pics on the pin board, it looks like Esher was experimenting on the Bahro

Once you have sealed the lab/refuge link back to the base of the lab and climb 
up onto the cage. The ladder is down and you can climb up and out to the top of 
the dome. Nice view, a pedestal and the shiny thing seen from the islet door on 
the beach. Below the lens or whatever it is there is a pressure plate, step on 
it and watch the islet door open, step off and it closes pronto.

Copy the symbol from the pedestal, link down to the KEEP then to the base of 
the dome. Grab the slate and link back to the KEEP. Draw the symbol drop it and 
back away. Link up to the top of the dome once the Bahro takes the slate and 
plops it onto the pedestal up there. So, the top of the dome is safe for them.

OK, now what do we want do?
1. We want to get past the islet door. 

What do we know?
1. The islet door opens when you stand on the pressure plate and closes as soon 
as you step off.
2. The slate isn't heavy enough to open the door.
3. There are 2 symbols in and at the end of 2 of Yeesha's journals, (book 3 and 
7) that suggest they, (the symbols) are important and may be used to direct the 
Bahro into performing a feat.
4. Esher states the Bahro won't go near the snake symbol.

What do we need to do?
1. Try the symbols from Yeesha's journals, leave the slate on the pressure 
plate and link out to the KEEP for a run to the islet.

What we will learn from this is that the 2 symbols in the journals don't work. 
The game isn't programmed to work with either symbol, at least in Noloben.

Esher lies to MF when they're on the stairs in the dome, which was very 
confusing; if Esher wants your help and to help you to reacquire the tablet why 
lie to MF? If he doesn't want MF to attain the tablet why not lie to him at all 
turns to prevent success? However I should have been expecting it, if you go 
back and read the 1st Yeesha's monologue (from K'veer) she says, "You'll find 
in each age that there will be help and hindrance."

Once you figure out the lie draw the correct symbol on the slate and drop it on 
the pressure plate. Link out to the beach KEEP and then beat feet to the islet. 
After some time, (if you drew the symbol correctly) the door will dissolve and 
you can enter. Once inside you can copy the final link symbol and link out to 
the beach KEEP. Draw the symbol, drop it and back away. As soon as the symbol 
appears on the pedestal link out to the islet.

Once inside you'll get another barrage from Esher, the tone of his speech is 
beginning to sound desperate, (PSYCHO PUPPY!). Touch the slate within the KEEP 
then link out to the Beach KEEP, link to Direbo and then back to Re-gah-ro-ti-



Exit the room, return to the shaft and explore. Run back down to the bottom of 
the shaft to discover that the openings are blocked. Return to the platform, 
there's only one thing left to do and that's to press the hassock again. Once 
it's at the bottom press the hassock again then run off to the side of the room 
so that the platform can rise without you.

As the platform rises you can see that there is an area below its sitting 
position. Find your way down and grab and read book #9. Look around, find the 
tunnel, run to the end and locate and flip the lever. So that's the fan above 
and the lever is a clutch, so the previous room and lever was the fan motor. As 
you exit the area you find a ladder has descended from the tunnel ceiling. This 
puts you in a tunnel above and provides you with another book, pick up book # 
10. Near book 10 is a door with a lever.

Pull the lever and you can see back into the great shaft, turn around and 
explore in the other direction. This must be the fan room there's a big bright 
light shining down on a fan set into the floor in the center of the room. As 
you explore the room you'll find the 11th journal near a damaged lever.

On the far side of the fan room there's an opening leading to the 4th sleeping 
quarters. Inside you'll find the usual junk, KI machine, viewer, 12th and final 
Yeesha book and linking book #4 to Direbo. Link to Direbo, enter the KEEP and 
link out.


MF links into a tropical age, palm tree looking things, sandy beaches, blue 
skies, big honkin boulders, big honkin fort and of course Esher. Grab the slate 
and head over to flaky puff, (looks like he may wet himself) listen to his 
story of loss and then get to some exploring. 

So the place is called Laki'ahn and the fort is a trading house, (big house). 
Esher says the front door is locked but the back one can be unlocked. Since 
discovering he's lied to me at least once so far, (that I can tell) I check the 
door, look inside the building and find a strip of paper on a table near the 
window opening, it has a series of red colored geometric shapes, copy them 

So to begin the age I explore my local surroundings, ooh butterflies! Out onto 
the beach you can see a large fence to the right and beach to the left, I head 
left and quickly find a barrier blocking further progress. Heading back to the 
fence it seems to be made of a bamboo like material, not very sturdy. The 
landscaping seems to be pushing you left along the beach, so go with the flow.

A few yards past the end of the fence there is a passage between the boulders 
that empties out into a large low mud baked area, in this area are 3 huge 
skeletons of I don't know what. To the left is a power symbol engraved into a 
boulder and on the ground a tiny birdlike thing. Maybe it's a prehistoric 
chicken with a really big head? 

My eyes suck so I need a closer look on the bird and power symbol. The power 
symbol looks like ocean waves and the bird is one ugly mother! It's got some 
impressive teeth and a big ugly red head. I wonder if it was adopted. It needs 
to be oiled or something, it makes an awful creaky noise when you get close to 
it and it doesn't appear to be aggressive, (probably a good thing). Copy the 
power symbol onto the slate and drop it to see what happens. Lots of windy 
wind, a bleeden sand storm! There's another opening between the boulders that I 
believe I'll take while the taking is good. Snatch up the slate and head out.

A small inlet/stream crosses in front of MF; there are a couple more skeletons 
in the stream and a big honkin gate thing ahead and to the left. If you go 
right the stream and path ends just around the corner. If you go left to the 
mouth of the inlet and continue you end up back at the passage between the 
boulders near the bamboo fence. Go right at the mouth of the inlet and you're 
stopped at the pointy boulders. 

OY! Look at the big things that swim around in the water huge dorsal fins 
occasionally rise up, some very close to shore. I'm easy guessing those things 
are what the skeletons used to be. The game channels you into the giant cage 
thing, so enter and explore. As you move deeper into the cage area you can see 
a busted up side on the left that should allow you to exit. Once deep into the 
cage you can see a mostly submerged pedestal in a round enclosure at the center 
of the massive cage, it has an opening that leads into another cage section 
blocked off from your current position.

Head back to the break in the wall and climb out. As you thoroughly explore the 
confined area you find a 2nd chicken thing. This ones crazy, it's running 
around in circles in front of a large structure with a huge fan and a pulley 
that connects by belt to the top of the giant cage. On the far side of the cage 
is a tusk lined canal leading from a section of the cage into a tunnel. I'm 
guessing the cage is closed off to the canal and that somewhere there's a lever 
or button that raises the gate. 

Head back to the chicken and investigate the structure. When you get to the top 
of it you see one large lever, 2 smaller levers and 2 buttons. On top of the 
giant cage it looks like someone connected the skull bones of 3 of those big 
swimming things and then connected the pulley cable to it. You can pull on the 
levers and press the buttons but nothing will happen. Its time to test the 
slate again, move out to the front of the structure, draw the power symbol, 
drop the slate and move away from it. As soon as the Bahro links out snatch the 
slate and return to the levers.

If you start from the left and pull each lever and push each button one at a 
time and look up and over to the cage after each action you can pretty much 
tell which lever and button does what, even through all the chaos of wind and 

1. The wind created by the Bahro and power symbol may power the big fan.
2. The big lever must be a break.
3. The left small lever raises the pedestal out of the water
4. The left red button opens the gate to the canal
5. The right small lever rotates the small round inner pedestal cage.

If you inspect the cage and pedestal from within the 1st canal you'll be able 
to see the linking symbol. Take note that the inner cage must be turned one 
more time to be aligned with the 2nd canal. Return to the structure and pull 
the right small lever one more time. Once the round central cage has been 
properly oriented draw the link symbol to the slate, drop it and beat feet to 
the KEEP.

If the action of the power symbol has ceased repeat the earlier action with the 
slate and pull the small right lever one more time.

When you arrive at the KEEP link out to the cage pedestal, then beat feet 
through the canal into an aquatic arena. There's a ramp at one end of the arena 
and at the top of the ramp is a tower with a pedestal on it. As you make your 
way up the ramp you see that the top of the tower is level with a cantilevered 
ramp. There are 4 devices that look like rudimentary robot heads attached to 
the rear wall and there's a big yellow button centered between the 4 heads. 
Lastly there's a recessed area to the left.

You want to pay close attention to the details of all items on the ramp. With 
some little inspection you'll notice some of the eyes are red, (exposed) and 
some are yellow, (covered). The mouth of the heads is a big circle with one or 
more rings within. 

The 1st head on the left has one red eye and 4 rings on the mouth, the 2nd head 
has 1 red eye and 3 rings, the 3rd head has both eyes covered and has 2 rings 
and lastly the 4th head has 2 red eyes and 1 ring. See that the eyes of the 
heads can be exposed or covered by pushing on the round mouth part. 

Walk into the niche on the left and discover that it may be a scale. There is a 
series of black circles set vertically on the wall in the recess that resemble 
the eyes and mouth rings of the 4 heads. Step onto the plate in the recess and 
take note of the eyes that go red. If you're holding the slate when you step on 
the plate the 2nd set from the top has 3 rings and both eyes are red, the 4th 
set has 1 ring and 1 red eye. If you step on it without the slate only the 2nd 
set from the top shows 2 red eyes the rest stay black. 

So, what do we want to do?
1. Get to the pedestal on the tower.
2. Get the tower down to ramp level.
What do we know?
1. The tower height is level with the elevated cantilevered ramp.
2. There are 4 devices on the wall that resemble heads and may register the 
weight of the tower as a counter balance. 
3. The device in the recess is likely a scale and if so then MF and the slate 
weigh 2 red eyes with 3 rings and 1 red eye with 1 ring, possibly equal to 7.

With what we know and a little experimentation we can lower the tower and set 
the slate on it. Total up the weight of MF, the slate and the tower, once you 
have the total set the eyes of the wall heads for the correct counter balance 
and push the yellow button. 

Dang! Try as you may, the game won't allow you onto the tower before it begins 
to rise, that's not right. Your options are limited, so beat feet to the cage 
pedestal and do the linking thing back to the tower. As you materialize on the 
tower it begins to lower to the elevated ramp, grab the slate and walk off when 
allowed. Explore the area thoroughly, there are 2 pretty red buttons to push 
that make a little magic. As you approach one of the buttons Esher will pop in 
and regale MF with the glory of a bit of butchery misnamed as sport. 

As you poke around you'll find the jewel door Esher mentioned at the beginning 
of the age, it'll have a lock pretending to be a decorative plaque. Look 
familiar? You have the tools to solve the puzzle, it may take a second but this 
far into the game I'm sure you'll agree this isn't one of the difficult 

A cozy rustic shack eh, rubies strewn all over the place, beast skulls hanging 
from the ceiling and tapestries hanging from the walls. Explore the rooms off 
to the side to see if there're any goodies to be had.  On a table in one room 
there's a strip of paper with a color scheme, take note. Once you take in all 
there is return to the arena and back into the water to explore the gates you 
opened up earlier.

Once in the water enter whichever tunnel you're closest to. If you do a smidge 
exploring you'll see that the tunnel is horseshoe shaped connecting both 
entrances from the arena. In either case there is one offshoot, (dead-end) 
tunnel, ending at a red pressure plate. Just before the plate on the left and 
in a niche is, (for lack of a better answer) a switch, I guess. It kind of 
looks like a mini pile driver, lift it up it stays and won't come down till you 
step on the pressure plate. When you step on the plate the round elevator 
platform you passed over on your way to the plate begins to rise.

What do we want to do?
1. Access the level above via the elevator

What do we know?
1. There is a pressure plate and switch that operate a lift.
2. Something/someone heavy enough must be placed onto the pressure plate for 
the lift to rise.
3. It will take a little experimentation for the proper order and symbol.
4. It will require the assistance of the Bahro to succeed.

This puzzle is a bit tricky but an important clue is in your hands and the 
solution is in one of Yeesha's journals.

Once you're on the level above take note of your surroundings, you're at the 
center of an intersection. There are 4 tunnels leading away, each tunnel ends 
in a sort of fork and at the point of each fork is a colored light. Are the 
colors familiar? Locate the color swatch in your notes and follow the correct 
pattern to the end, be tactile. Once back outside copy the pedestal link and 
then link to the KEEP. Once there follow the drill and then link back to the 
antler pedestal.

As you begin to explore the area Esher pops in speaks of the Kresh, (natives) 
and then rants about outsiders, (not sure whether referring to Atrus' family or 
This is a stony place! There's some wreckage on the beach, what looks like a 
windmill on a boulder and an old dock a short distance from the pedestal. As 
you expand your search you'll come across a couple more asthmatic prehistoric 
chickens and eventually a poor excuse for a tree house. 

The tree house is tight to a big honkin boulder, the boulder has been hollowed 
out and there's a giant seesaw supported by pilings above the boulder. Assess 
the situation, circle the tree house and boulder and take note of the 
structures above and below. Once you discern their purpose raise the gate. 

Normally I'd grab a chicken and use its teeth as a saw to cut the weights away, 
but in this case, I'll follow game procedure and abide the rules.

You'll soon discover that there isn't much to do up on the platform, however 
there is a window that looks out over the water pointing to a small stony cay. 
To the left of the window is a flag with something drawn on it which, (for the 
moment) can't be entirely seen. It may be a head with an eye and mouth.

If you're up on the platform during the evening you'll get a treat looking out 
to the cay, it's faded for sure, but you can make out the bubble on the cay.

If you haven't explored the rest of the allowed area yet do it, there isn't 
anything of import outside of nice to look at. When done looking about you'll 
be at an impasse, there's nothing else to find, nothing else to do save one, 
try to find out what the flag image is and whether it's important or not. 

What do we want to do?
1. See the entire emblem on the flag.

What do we know?
1. Can't touch the flag.
2. The flag and the cay just off the island are sort of framed in the tree 
house window and may be important.
3. There's one option that may get the flag to move.

Once you have a full on visual of the flag, copy the image onto the slate, drop 
it and back away, if done correctly the Bahro will accept it and link out with 

So, run back to the antler pedestal, link to the age KEEP and then to the cay. 
Esher will convey his soliloquy and link out. Look about if you like then enter 
the TARDIS and touch the slate. Touch the age symbol to link to K'veer. Take 
the tablet at the center of the KEEP and exit the bubble. You'll see Yeesha 
waiting for you pretty much where you left her. Approach her and she'll hold 
out her hands as if to take the tablet from MF.

If you have paid any attention to the journals and the speech log, even though 
she holds out her hands you know she doesn't want it. She fears the longtime 
bondage of the Bahro will continue and of failing to do the right thing which 
is releasing them. Drop the tablet to the floor. Once done everything goes 
black and then you appear in front of Yeesha, who drops to her knees. She 
praises you and the maker for freeing her from the curse. You'll learn that the 
"CURSE" has lasted in to order of 10,000 years and then you're whisked to 

There you'll see and aged and feeble Atrus, he speaks to MF and then Esher is 
dragged from wherever he was. He spits bile at everyone and then he's carried 
off to whatever punishment the Bahro give. Yeesha gives one more speech then 
walks off with Atrus. One Bahro remains, unfurls a set of batty wings flits up 
into the air, latches onto MF and lifts him into the air for a ride. As MF 
rises you can see a huge honkin obelisk in the distance down in a valley. The 
credits roll and you're done.

There are at least 2 alternate endings from the one above, if there are more I 
haven't spent the time nor have the desire to look for them. 

1. Give Yeesha the tablet, she'll walk around a bit and then link out. You're 
alone; your only recourse is to return to the room you began the journey in and 
the location of the Myst book. The book is now unlocked and can be accessed, 
link out to Myst. It's dark, miserable and raining big time, the place looks 
like it's been abandoned for some long time. You can explore the island some, 
try and find Ti'ana's grave marker. Know that when you near the Library Esher 
will come out. Berate and condemn you for giving Yeesha the book then link out 
leaving you to your death.

2. Don't give the tablet to Yeesha or the Bahro run out of the room to the 
actual beginning, grab the Myst book and link to Myst. Myst is in the same 
condition as the 1st alternate ending. Make your way to an empty Library, see 
the tablet holder thing and place the tablet on it. Esher will link into the 
Library and go into manic phase turning his amp up to 11.

The 2 endings aren't all that different from each other, in both cases it is 
clear Esher is insane and MF is left to suffer a slow death on Myst. All in all 
Giving the tablet to the Bahro is a much pleasant ending and preferable over 
the alternates.

(NOTE) if it was me, I'd have leaped onto Esher in his delusion, grabbed his 
linking shoulder cloth and linked to wherever it is that he goes to. His refuge 
must have linking books to all the ages he appears in throughout the story. 
From there I'd link back to Myst, grab the tablet, link back to K'veer and give 
it back to the Bahro.




Cave Puzzle
Place the slate over the image on the floor; you'll hear the ice cracking under 
your combined weight a small fracture appears. Step far enough back so that the 
Bahro appears and removes the slate. As it removes the slate the ice floor will 
fracture even more under its combined weight but not collapse. Move away from 
the bubble and the Bahro will return the slate to the pedestal and leave as 
Esher pointed out. It will take the combined weight of the avatar and slate to 
collapse the floor and give access to the outer pit.

Pond Puzzle
Turn the 6 levers on the structures from left to right and then return to the 
pond area. Draw the power symbol on the slate and drop it, step back far enough 
to allow the Bahro to appear and bring heat. The manifold levers will rise up 
and be functional. Pick up the slate and head for either manifold. I think the 
heat and or the existing life forms are transferred from the structures through 
the pipes to the manifold levers and then to the pond. 

While facing the pond, turn the levers on the "BLUE" right side manifold from 
left to right (R, L and L) to avoid the breaks in the pipe and create a path to 
this side of the pond. Turn the left side manifold, from left to right (L, R 
and L) to create a path to the opposite side of the pond. 


Gear Puzzle
Pull the near lever on the tram platform 1 time, (loud metal noise) wheel turns 
enough to expose pedestal symbol on mesa of distant narrow monolith.

Last Gear Puzzle
Once the power symbol has been used 2 times return to the last telescope, set 
the coordinates to 4 and 5, (if not already done) and then adjust the magnifier 
by pulling the far right small lever.


Dome Puzzle
The 4 symbols found in the water bowls at the shrine/altar on the beach are the 
numbers 12, 2, 9, and 4. IMO the easiest/fastest way to find the correct 
shutter symbols is to close all shutters but one, square up to the open window 
by standing back a bit center on the window and move up tight. Look directly 
across the dome to the center point between the 2 windows on the opposite wall 
and the numbers above them. Your orientation from this position to the 2 
windows is 7 windows from the one on the right and 7 from the one on the left. 
Counting 7 from either tells you what window you're at. In total there are 15 
windows around the dome, once you know which window you are at count down left 
or up right to the target windows. Move to them lower the shutters and jot down 
their symbols.

12 is the power symbol for most electronics, 2 is 6 dots 2 rows 3 dots each 
row, 9 is for a lack of proper designator the letter H with the cross bar set 
low and 4 is 3 horizontal lines 3 rows 1 line each. 

Move to the satellite stones and locate the symbols found on the shutters. 
There're 2 main clues regarding the orientation of the satellite stones; the 
most obvious one is that only one stone has the power symbol on it which came 
from window #12. The 2nd and maybe less obvious is that the plateau ladder, 
dome and satellite stones orient with the shrine, i.e., the rain symbol, stone 
egg and water bowls are the ladder, dome and sat stones.

Once all satellite stones are correctly set the cave tunnel barriers will allow 
access to the lower level of the dome.

Seal Dome
Climb back up the plateau and spin the top of one satellite a couple times to 
rotate the door closed.

Islet Door Puzzle
Only the snake symbol Esher mentions, (as a repellent) works for the puzzle. He 
lies about the Bahro not going near the symbol, it just delays their approach.

First I experimented with all the symbols on the beach; I timed each from the 
drop to the link out.

1. Book 3 takes 00:30 to final link out. 
2. Book 7 took 00:33.  
3. Snake symbol 1:40 pressure plate to when the Bahro links to the dome. 

With the symbol from book 7, technically, if you link and run the whole way 
without flopping around you can get to the door before it opens. At minimum see 
it open up or close as you run for it but you never do. The game isn't 
programmed to work with the symbol.

I was hesitant to even consider trying the snake symbol due to Esher's 
statement, Esher lied.


Cage/Windmill Puzzle
Pull the large left lever, then the smaller left lever; push the left button 
and then the small right lever twice. Run to the near right side of the 
enclosure to read the pedestal symbol, draw it to the slate, drop it and run to 
the KEEP. If your eyes are bad like mine and with all the chaos from the power 
symbol still in effect you'll need your glasses or a magnifying glass to see 
the symbol.

Tower Puzzle
For each wall head, the number of red eyes times the number of rings on the 
heads mouth equals the counter balance weight provided. 
Tower weight, (1X4, 1X3, 2X1 =9), MF and slate, (2X3, 1X1 =7), total, (9+7=16).
Close the eyes of one of the heads and push the big yellow button to lower the 
tower. Place the slate on the tower pedestal, reset the heads to total 16 and 
again push the big yellow button. Run to the cage pedestal link to the KEEP and 
then back to the tower.

Locked Back Door Puzzle
While you're at the front door of the Trading House look through the window to 
the left of the locked door, the geometric symbols found on the table are 
upside down and backwards. If you were able to rotate the strip of paper the 
symbols are on you'd get the correct order and orientation. Circle, Square, 
Triangle, Hexagon, Diamond.

Lift Puzzle
Stand on the pressure plate; draw the symbol from the 7th Yeesha journal on the 
slate and drop it. Move to and raise the switch, run to the round lift and wait 
for the Bahro to stand on the plate to raise the lift. 

Color Swatch Puzzle
Once you're at the floor above step off the lift and spin around to locate the 
hallway with the blue button. Once located do a 180 to face the red button, 
follow said hallway (right, right, left) and press the (red, red, green, blue) 
buttons as you go. The last blue button gets you back outside.

Tree House Puzzle
There are 7 counter balance stones on the ground, U= Up, D= Down. There are a 
couple combinations that work, this is one of them. 
From left to right, (U, U, D. D, U, U, D)

Flag Puzzle
Draw power symbol on slate and back away. Grab slate as Bahro exits and run to 
tree house window. Draw the fish thing on the slate, drop it and back away. 
Once the Bahro links out with the slate run back to the window and look out to 
the cay, you can see a twinkle as the Bahro links in and or out.

Lastly, I was kind of bummed out that Cyan didn't use real people for the 
characters; I've become accustomed to and expectant, (for me) EOA was a 
disappointment in that regard. 

The End!