MySims review
Mysims really for younger kids?

The good:

  • Good fun graphics.
  • All characters show emotion.
  • A vary of characters.
  • Great flawless system of building items.
  • A Sandbox type of game (a large area to run about).
  • A wide range of esscences.
  • Easy controls.
  • Easy system to move sims in and out.
  • Games emotions are like chibi motions (emotions like ^ ^ for an example)
  • Not really any glitches

    The bad:

  • Too many loading screens.
  • Item building gets boring after a while.
  • When talking too people not much too pick from.


    Basically in this game the story is there's this town that used to be really good, very busy, etc. But then the builder (the person who builds the houses, and makes furniture out of essences) leaves the town unexpectedly. So the town then became very run down and everything. Then you come along and have to restore the town to its former glory. You restore it by carrying on his legacy by building people's houses and items. Build houses to your own liking, build items to your liking.

    Also later in the game you get to design what other sims will wear/look like. After doing this you get some points towards some quality stars (as I call them) these are stars to show what you're town is like. There are 5 stars to build up for. Lets say you had 5/5 stars you would have the perfect town. You get requests to make items (stuff like beds cookers etc) for the town from commercial sims. Commercial sims are basically sims that run shops and other things. Like a shop, a cinema,a salon and many more.

    After getting new stars you'll unlock new tools such as a crowbar. This helps open up new areas; for example with the crowbar you could use it on a locked wooden gate to open the area behind it. Every new area there are new essences. Most essences are found by shaking a tree or prospecting. As I said about the tree you can use a fertilizer on the tree to let out a lot of the essence at once, but this also kills the tree.

    In this game you can choose how your sim is in every way. You can choose how deep or high their voice is or how they're dressed and their hairstyle. It takes quite a while you get your voice the same; I eventually gave up.

    Essences are basically normal items you can use to paint objects. Like a yellow flower could give off a yellow colored paint. And also could give a few patterns like a paint with loads of small yellow flowers.

    It's a nice change from the normal sims graphics they are a bit boring and also a nice storyline.

    There's a few downsides to this game. The loading screens are always there, where a simple change of area will take ages too load even if it is small. It'll take about ten minutes to load.

    The building items really has no flaws apart from after a while it gets boring. The building system is basically built up on imagination; you can build anything you can think of.

    This game's graphics are made up of chibi designs. Chibi is basically like a cute small version of anime. It makes the graphics really fun and enjoyable. Although the chibis make the game seem childish it's not that childish.

    The wii controls work quite well with the wiimote. The only one I have problems with is the fishing, as it can be quite annoying and a bit glitchey.

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