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A pleasantly creative and addictive game

The good:

MySims for Nintendo Wii offers casual and serious gamers alike a whimsical challenge of rebuilding a chibi-styled town that has fallen upon hard times. The visuals of the game are very pleasing despite their overt cuteness. In addition, the ability to customize nearly everything, from your own sim's appearance and abode, to the dwellings of all of your neighbors, to what type of chair you sit on, provides hours of tinkering-fun. The ability to freely adapt the item blueprints makes for endless options of customization.

The story of MySims challenges players to rebuild a run-down town whose former designer has since abandoned it. The player will control a custom character whose ability to use Essences (elements found in nature through scavenging, such as produce, fish, tires, etc.) to create various items and appliances. Players must prospect, fish, chop, plant and dig their way through the world of MySims to find the Essences needed to make the requested items. Certain Essences are even unlocked through various types of interaction with the town's citizens, such as "Being Nice", have a "Tea Party", and other acts of quirky fun. The player is tasked with creating custom items for the town's inhabitants, recruiting new citizens, and customizing their abodes to increase the appeal of the town. The town receives a star rating based on the success of the player, and once a star level increases, new areas, characters and essences are unlocked. As the town grows, new "blocks" (the pieces used to create the homes and items for the town) are unlocked, and the character is often rewarded with items and outfits to customize their own look and style. Items and houses are also rated upon their sense of style, which ranges between cute, geeky, studious, fun, tasty and spooky. Different characters prefer different types of styles, so the player must combine Essences to match the tastes of the town's inhabitants.

The customization in this game is outstanding. By far, the most enjoyable part of the game is creating new dwellings for the Sims you move into town, and creating custom items. The freedom of design is nearly limitless, and the number of blueprints and color patterns from Essences keeps new designs fresh and exciting. It is not difficult to spend hours on end perfecting a small handful of buildings or items. Also very enjoyable is being able to tinker with your characters appearance and voice. The various characters of MySims are also extremely entertaining, from the manic goth (spooky) characters, to the angry and self-absorbed librarian, to the cooky 'tasty' Sims who are completely obsessed with their gluttony. The game also rewards the completion of tasks and befriending of Sims with new blueprints, outfits and hairstyles to keep your Sims appearance and home fresh and stylish. In addition, new areas are unlocked for additional building and exploration as your town's rating improves

The bad:

The game has limited relationship features, and remains somewhat linear due to the nature of the task at hand. The random events present in other Sims seem to be missing in MySims as well. The lack of online play also keeps players from being able to venture to the creations of other MySim-ers. Hunting for Essences can become a bit mundane, and after a while, you start to feel like the towns "do-boy" as you complete task after task. The tasks can become repetitive, as essentially you advance in the game only through creating items that meet the requester's specifications, but the game still offers hours of fun tinkering and building the town. Despite the drawbacks from the repetition of the game, and the possibilities of online play and the ability to create your own townies being absent, MySims is still a great title for the Wii.


Overall, MySims is a great addition to the Sims series, and a good pick-up for any Wii owner. I rate this game 4.1 out of 5 for it's overall fun factor and great sense of style.

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