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MySims SkyHeroes cheats, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Machine Gun
When firing your machine gun on your plane, it will eventually heat up and you won't be able to fire it for a small amount of time. Instead of holding down 'A', repeatedly press the 'A' button on your remote to fire a little at once to prevent the machine gun from heating up. It works just the same as the other way only you can fire it longer. Sure every now and then you might want to hold it down but keep an eye on the machine gun gauge.
Points for this?
<span style="color:#660033;"> Many people wonder if they score or lose points for accidentally shooting down someone on their team. The answer is no. You don't gain points, nor do you lose any. Same with other sims on your team. If you get shot down by someone on your team, they do not gain or lose points. Points are only scored if you hit the target you are aiming at with any power-up, your machine gun or missiles. So don't worry if you shoot down anyone on your team.</span>