MySims Party (DS) Cheats

MySims Party cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for DS.


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In MySims you can unlock friends like Ewan, Vic, Rosalyn and others, here are ten Sims
UnlockableHow to unlock
RosalynGet 60 pts in Pass and Check and then talk to her
Vic VectorTrade him a cretain card
EwanComplete Catch the Crook once then talk to him.
MC EmiComplete all festivals then go back to teh festival tent and talk to her
ZoeComplete the final festival then go and talk to Zoe, She will tell you to go to the library, so go there and talk to Elmira, She will give you something then go back and talk to Zoe (she will give you the fortune teller suit after you do this)
MartinGet the hanglider from Mary and then take it to Martin
MarieFind the sextant in the desert Press A then she will come (You can do this as much as you want )
TravisTake his phone to Dr. F in the desert to fix it then take it back to Travis.
ElizabethGo talk to her after you finish the game then go to these shops in order - Shirley's Shop, Tyler's Shop then Ms. Nicole's Shop
Goth BoyWhen Goth Boy is outside of his house, go talk to him he will give you the Goth Hair and he will become your friend
OdinWhen Odin asks you to give DJ Candy his borrowed CD, go give it to her and return to him and he'll give you a netted t-shirt and become your friend
DollyGet 60 in fashion Mogul then after that, help her send an outfit she has just made for Trevor.
VioletGet 60 in her mini game then talk to her and she'll ask you to deliver flower bouquet she has just made for Poppy
ninja outfit
UnlockableHow to unlock
ninja outfityou have to beat the second to last festival and unlock all the minigames.
Ninja OutfitComplete the Dream Festival
MC Emi as a FriendComplete the Customizing Festival and go and play any festival!