MySims Kingdom Tips

Easy way to get Mana
Go to any house/building and go inside. Find a dresser (if there isn't one, place a dresser inside or anywhere it allows you to place objects) and do the "Rummage" action. As your avatar is about to open the dresser, quickly walk away. You will receive 1-3 red crayons immediately and you didn't have to wait throughout the whole action. Keep doing this until you feel satisfied with the amount of crayons you have. Finally, go to Lyndsay and Transmute with her. Red crayons are worth 3 mana so when you exchange your crayons you will get a lot of mana (obviously) in a small amount of time.
P.s. if Lyndsay and Buddy are right over your shoulder while you are trying to do this, go to a room in a house and place an object in front of the door so they will leave you alone (: