MySims Kingdom Tips

figuring figurines
Alexa figurine
location: candypalooza,source:fishing
Ashley figurine
location:trevor island,source:treasure chest#1
Battle suit roland
location:rocketreef,source:dr.F(completing his bonus tasks,all bonus tasks can be done after reaching the fourth level)
beach party morcubus
location:royal academy,source:weeds(pull 4...pull them reallyfast though)
buddy figurine
chef watanabe:
location:renees nature preserve,source:fishing
chopper carl
location:sarcophagus object(if u dont know what that is it's the mummy thing found in spookane)source:peek interaction
crocodile shirley
dj candy
location:dj booth object,source:be the dj interaction
daniel lord of lavender
location:forest of elves,source:fishing
gino figurine
location:candypalooza,source:sapphire(is a person, u get it by completing her bonus task)
goth boy
location:trevor island,source:trevor(a person, u get it by completing his bonus tasks)
grandma ruthie
hopper figurine
location:cutopia,source:lord daniel(u get it by completing his tasks)
jetpack trevor
location:trevor island,source:weeds(pull 4 really fast[if u want to know how to pull technique to pull weeds fast in na amount of seconds go all the way down])
king roland statue
location:capital island,source:treasure chest#2
lynsday figurine
location:cutopia.source:weeds pull 4 really fast)
ninja gino
location:uncharted isles,source:weeds pull 4 really fast
ok so to pull weeds really fast u hve to go to an area of that island where the figurine is and find a place where there are at least four at ur reach and pull those reallt fast kk