MySims Kingdom (Wii) Cheats

MySims Kingdom cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Helps you get and complete all scrolls in the game
UnlockableHow to unlock
Flower house scrollGo to cutopia and dig up treasure using the treasure finder you wilL eventually find the scroll (please note it may take a while but if your lucky, you might get it on your first try,like me,) also if you can't get it, save and restart the game


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All the fish and where to get them.
Here are all of the fishes (in alphabetical order) and where to get 'em all:

Angler..............Trevor Island
Bass................Cowboy Junction, and Renee's Nature Preserve
Catfish.............Renee's Nature Preserve
Crab................Forest of the Elves, Cowboy Junction, and Rocket Reef
Electric Eel........Forest of the Elves, Rocket Reef, Spookane, The Royal Academy, Cowboy Junction, and Candypalooza
Gold Arowana........Forest of the Elves
Jelly Fish..........Renee's Nature Preserve and Cowboy Junction
Koi.................Forest of the Elves
Marlin..............Trevor Island
Octopus.............The Royal Academy
Piranha.............Spookane, Cowboy Junction and Rocket Reef
Puffer..............Uncharted Isle
RoboFish............Rocket Reef *easier to get by pulling 4 weeds fast
Seahorse............Royal Academy
Sea Turtle..........Cutopia, Uncharted Isle, and Spoookane
Sea Urchin..........Forest of the Elves, Spookane and Rocket Reef
Sting Ray...........Uncharted Isle
Tiny Shark..........Trevor Island

*You must have at least one of each fish in your inventory in order to complete Barney's fishing quest.
Armor Quest
Ok, so you know how spencer the knight in cutopia asks you to find all the armor pieces? well this is what they are, where they are and how to get them.

Helm of Brilliance: Uncharted Isle (Fishing)

Breastplate of Resistance: Capital Island (Detector)

Girdle of Ogre Strength: Spookane (Detector)

Gauntlet of Dexterity: Trevor Island (Detector)

Gauntlet of Righteousness: Cutopia (Detector)

Rightful Boot: Rocket Reef (Fishing)

Sinister Boot: Forest of Elves (Fishing)

Sheild of Smiting: Nature Preserve (Fishing)
Easy way to get Mana
Go to any house/building and go inside. Find a dresser (if there isn't one, place a dresser inside or anywhere it allows you to place objects) and do the "Rummage" action. As your avatar is about to open the dresser, quickly walk away. You will receive 1-3 red crayons immediately and you didn't have to wait throughout the whole action. Keep doing this until you feel satisfied with the amount of crayons you have. Finally, go to Lyndsay and Transmute with her. Red crayons are worth 3 mana so when you exchange your crayons you will get a lot of mana (obviously) in a small amount of time.
P.s. if Lyndsay and Buddy are right over your shoulder while you are trying to do this, go to a room in a house and place an object in front of the door so they will leave you alone (:
figuring figurines
Alexa figurine
location: candypalooza,source:fishing
Ashley figurine
location:trevor island,source:treasure chest#1
Battle suit roland
location:rocketreef,source:dr.F(completing his bonus tasks,all bonus tasks can be done after reaching the fourth level)
beach party morcubus
location:royal academy,source:weeds(pull 4...pull them reallyfast though)
buddy figurine
chef watanabe:
location:renees nature preserve,source:fishing
chopper carl
location:sarcophagus object(if u dont know what that is it's the mummy thing found in spookane)source:peek interaction
crocodile shirley
dj candy
location:dj booth object,source:be the dj interaction
daniel lord of lavender
location:forest of elves,source:fishing
gino figurine
location:candypalooza,source:sapphire(is a person, u get it by completing her bonus task)
goth boy
location:trevor island,source:trevor(a person, u get it by completing his bonus tasks)
grandma ruthie
hopper figurine
location:cutopia,source:lord daniel(u get it by completing his tasks)
jetpack trevor
location:trevor island,source:weeds(pull 4 really fast[if u want to know how to pull technique to pull weeds fast in na amount of seconds go all the way down])
king roland statue
location:capital island,source:treasure chest#2
lynsday figurine
location:cutopia.source:weeds pull 4 really fast)
ninja gino
location:uncharted isles,source:weeds pull 4 really fast
ok so to pull weeds really fast u hve to go to an area of that island where the figurine is and find a place where there are at least four at ur reach and pull those reallt fast kk
figuring figurines part 2
Officer ewan figurine:
found on- candypalooza
source-weeds(pull 3)

Ol' gabby figurine:
found on- royal academy
source-weeds(pull 3)

Prom night gonk:
found on- uncharte isles
source-treasure chest#3

Rockstar leaf:
found on-guitar object
source- (when playing on the guitar object[which u get when doing a task for leaf in forest of elves]) interaction rock out

Sherif ginnny figurine:
found on- forest of elves
source- treasure chest#2

Siamese amy and emily:
found on- royal academy
source- teasure findind

Sleepy sophie:
found on- uncharted isles
source- mining

T.O.B.O.R figurine:
found on- forest of elves
source- proto makoto(who is another robot but is the girl version of tobor and also can't get the figurine until you do the bonus tasks that she has for you[ which are on the fourth level, so you might have to wait till you reach that level....if u don't know how to get to levels,there are only five by the way...anyways u just raise your king points by helping out certain people on which ever isalnd you are on])

Tim figurine:
found on- ren'ee's nature preserve
source- weeds(pull 2)

Tuffy figurine:
found on- ren'ee's nature preserve
source- treasure finding

Vic vector figurine:
found on- cutopia
source- fishing

Violet figurine:
found on- spookane
source- treasure chest#5

island flowers
for those who don't know why you have to collect flowers, its because poppy who you will find when u get to cutopia( an island) she asks you (when you're all done with all the tasks in cutopia) that she wants to see all the flowers or something like that and you get the task

found on- forest of elves

Bird of paradise:
found on- candypalooza

Black dahlia:
found on- trevor island

black tulip:
found on- royal academy

Blue rose:
found on- cutopia

Crystal flower:
found on- rocket reef

Mandrake flower:
found on- spoookane

found on- ren'ee's nature preserve

Pitcher plant:
found on- cowboy junction

Venus flytrap:
found on- uncharted isles
Lots Of Manas FAST!
All you have to do is go to an island, find a house, and enter it. Then, go in to construction mode and delete EVERYTHING. (Delete is A to pick up, then B.) You will receive the amount of Manas you would have had to pay, even if you did not make the house or add the items.


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Go to the extremely small edge near the stairs leading to the Ginos area. Jump on it and you will levitate!

Easter eggs

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Human tower

Build a 3 story house with doors on every floor ( they have to be right obove each other ). Go into the lowest door and wait untill Buddy & Linzey are inside. When there in go out, you will fall from the top door but don't move. Eventualy they will come out and fall on your head creating a tower( in order You, Buddy, Linzy or vice versa).
Treasure Chest Locations (Not all isles)
Capital Island:
The hill where the Gears and Gate are
Below the Small ledge near Barney's House

Rocket Reef:
In The Fountain thingy near The Ship
on Top of the hill Near the Mining Zone
on Top of the Curved Hill Around the launch Pad

Cowboy Junction:
Gabby's Mining Area
Hilltop Near the Cow Pen

Forest of The Elves:
The 2 Big Tree Trunks lead up to Treasure chests
The Other Side of the Pond