My Street Cheats

Some games....:
Marbles:To get marble's, go to the shop and buy the marbles.Then the next day your mom tell's you to go play with Ann.Go find Ann and ask her to play.Have fun!

Volleyball:Beat all 3 round's of marble's, then Ann should say You can use my stuff! Grab the scuba gear and go to your room and change into it.Then talk to Shaun[ The Hiphop dude!]he'll say the BULLY kicked his ball in the lake. Then go to the back of his house and swim to the island and grab the ball. Then talk to Shaun and play!

Chemistry:Beat all 3 round's of Volleyball, Shaun will give you access to Myroc's lab go to his lab and play!

Lawnmower's: Beat all 3 round's of Chemistry, Then Myroc will let you use his stuff. Grab the gas can and go to the gas station and fill the can and talk to Tanya.She'll say she need's gas but you do so she'll let you play!

Chicken Herding: One day your mom will ask you help the farm with the chore's.Talk to Suzy and she'll tell you to do three chore's. Do them and have fun!