MX Superfly (Xbox) Cheats

MX Superfly cheats, and Codes for Xbox.


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Ballon Toss Mini-Game Get the ''Safety First'' Trophy.

Wheelball Mini-Game Get the ''Mega Stunt'' Trophy.
Some moves which are not in the Manual
These Tricks are mega hard but brilliant to watch.

Y+A+Y Tapped= Experimental Break
A+X+Y Tapped= Experimental Olimpian
X+B+X Tapped= Experimental Swan
A+X+B Tapped= Stork to McMetz
Y+B+Y Tapped= Shao-lin to Oxcutioner

Found by Chris and Rob
Y+Y+B Tap=Experimental Propeller
Unlock extra track editor items
Extra Track Editor Barriers Get the ''Dramatic Entrance'' Trophy.

Extra Track Editor Movable Objects Get the ''Impossible Stoppie'' Trophy.

Extra Track Editor Platforms and Station Z Get the ''Cross Training'' Trophy.

Extra Track Editor Ramps Get the ''Impossible Wheelie'' Trophy.
Unlockable Motorcycles
Custom Bee motorcycle Get the ''World's Highest Jump'' trophy.

Custom Playa motorcycle Get the ''Dominate 125cc Pro Race Season'' trophy.

Custom Water motorcycle Get the ''Dominate 250cc Pro Race Season'' trophy.

Special Fire motorcycle Get the ''Dominate 250cc Pro Freestyle Season'' trophy.

Special Tiger motorcycle Get the ''Dominate 125cc Pro Freestyle Season'' trophy.

Zebra Motorcycle Go to West Valley Freestyle in single player mode and complete ''Brave The Vertical Drop'' Challenge.