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Easy outs, and no more strike outs tips.
Easy outs: I dont know if its just me, but the way i play a game, man. I can go through 9 innings in less than 5 minutes! *skipping replays and chatter though*

I can get the guy out, and when im up to bat, blammo, i get a hit every time, but its an out almost every time. The ball always goes up, and blammo, lands in a glove somewhere. Same thing goes for your team when catching, if auto-assist is on.

So i use this to my advantage sometimes, to make sure my scrawny 3 points stays 3 points ahead of the other team.

What to do.

Throw the ball in any blue spot, namely a fast ball. Alternate blue spots. If you see a powerful batter come up, or somebody with a fat hit average, throw the ball if you can, closer to them, to keep away from the bats sweet spot.


Force an out hit, by throwing them a ball that they can barely hit. Also, dont make it a fast ball or they might get a homer. (you never know) If you give them a ball thats so out of their control, other than hitting it initially, it will almost every time, be caught as a pop fly blooper.

Easy hits: As soon as the ball hits any part of the white border hit box, that's when you hit. (the second the ball is touching a box border, you have a hit. Other than that, and you'll swing too early or too late)

Just make sure you keep an eye out for 'balls' and ugly throws. You can tell which these are because they never come close to the borders inside area.

In combination with a throw in your hot spot, its super easy to geta double, and sometimes a home run with power hitters.