MVP 06 NCAA Baseball User Reviews


From Wood To Aluminum

The good:

- Load and Fire Batting
- Music
- Recruiting
- Challenges

The bad:

- Fielding


This is the first NCAA baseball game from EA. I would have to say that overall it is a success. It definitely has it's points that need improvement but that is expected in a first game.

The new batting system is pretty nice. You have to load and then fire. Hence the name. It is pretty easy to get the hang of but if you can't you can always switch back the the original system. The Recruiting systems in this game is great. You get a certain amount of recruiting points for each week in the dynasty mode. The better your team's prestige is the more points you will get. Then you...



The good:

Load and Fire Batting
Great Recruiting System

The bad:

Deadbeat Crowd
Fielding System


MVP 06: NCAA Baseball Road to Omaha is the first attempt at a college baseball game to be made. You have to give EA credit for that. In some ways they succeed, and it some ways they falter. Neverthless, for a fan of the college game, or a die hard fan of the MVP series this game should satisfy your needs.

This year EA has introduced Load and Fire batting. This is a system that revolutionizes batting in baseball games and is something that will surely be imitated by others for years to come. Using the right analog stick as your swing, such as in Tiger Woods you pull back to load your swing an...

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