Musashi: Samurai Legend review
From Brave Fencer to Samurai Legend

The good:

The battle system in this game is ridiculously fun, I mean you can learn a ton of moves from enemies and dual weild a katana with a greatsword, how is that not fun?

The bad:

The story stinks like the original, and this game is still not for eferyone, like I said for the Brave Fencer it takes a special kind of person to truly appreciate this game.


Musashi returns from being a Brave Femcer in the original PS1 classic to now being a Samurai Legend in this current sequel. Those of you who have played the original will find that they dont really need to read this review, they need to buy it now and they wont be disapointed. Ok now for you ther guys, yeah you, who have never played the original, who never even knew it existed. THis is about a guy named Miyamoto Musashi who was an actual samurai in the Meiji era of japan. He was a great samurai but then he got shot and died.(cant remember who did it though) Anyways he was a great samurai and to honor him he was put in some video games, such as Samurai Showdown made by SNK(theses are the same guys who did King of Fighters, my personal favorite 2d fighter).

Squaresoft then put Musashi in Brave Fencer Musasho, which was alot like Zelda but with 2 swords and a jump button. Now hes starring again in his own sequel Musashi:Samurai Legend(I think its called Blade Master in japan though, I like Samurai Legend better as the name) In this sequel the story seems well alot like the first, he gets summoned to another dimension(I guess) and has to save it, yeah the story reaks but thats not Musashi's strong point, its the battle system.

The Squaresoft now Square-Enix company created a battle system that stays preety damn fresh for the whole game, in the game you have 4 fundumentals, your five-hit combo, the stab attack, spin attack and counter attack(all of them have to be learned first)which cost no mp, next you got a whole list of moves that do use mp, which you learn from enemies. In the game you can level up and improve your stats, which are health, magic, stregth, defence, luck and focus. Most are self-explanatory, but luck is what tends to make things go your way and focus is what helps you learn abilities from enemies. During the course of the game you will recive diffrent greatswords that all have their own special attacks, such as making an earthquake, shooting firballs, stuff like that. Thats for your left hand, the right hand has your trusty katana which you will always have but it can be upgraded with magic alloys.

Well this game is fun for a good 25-30 hours and has a hard mode after you beat it so it will have you coming backfor more. This game should be 20 dollars since its been around for awhile and its definatly wirth that cash of yours. This is Zero and X and Iam saying go buy Musashi:Samurai Legend and for those of you who havent played the orignal go by it off ebay or something cause its just as good even if its just a PS1 game. Peace.

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