Muramasa Rebirth review
Absolutely beautiful with a compelling storyline!

The good:

Stunning graphics and easy controls that allow a complete novice to feel like a pro ninja!

The bad:

I am unable to think of anything bad about the game... except that I wish there was more of it!


I played Muramasa on the Wii before I played it on the Vita, and the Vita version simply made the game even more stunning than before! (I didn't even think that was possible!) I particularly love running across the cafes all over the world and watching the food disappear bite by bite.<3

If you have the patience to uncover all six different endings it's completely worth it... If you stop after only viewing the first ending for each of the characters, you may be left unsatisfied with their fates and will regret not leveling up and uncovering all the blades! (or at least watching the alternate endings on Youtube or something...)

This game is all about the details... The shadows as you ninja-run through streams, across fields, and on the rooftops of buildings are fantastic...

I don't want to spoil too much of the story, but it contains the stories of Momohime and Kisuke- two characters who have been cursed by their fate and are willing to do anything they can to change it. Because everything has a voice actor you will find yourself becoming attached to the characters and their plight.

Leveling is extremely easy- all you need to do is continue to forge forward and slash your way through enemies in your path! You don't even need to do any grinding to complete the storyline the first time if you don't want to! Experience gained throughout boss battles is kept even if you fail the first time so you don't have to go backwards and try to find random encounters to slay.

Each blade has an individual aura and special attack that will have you picking favorites before you know it! I adore the fact that long blades LOOK like long blades, and also have a longer reach to match the fact that they are longer swords<3

I honestly have yet to find any glaring negatives that would cause me to rate this game poorly... I'm sure that there are many that others would be quick to point out and claim lessen the game experience for them, but I've been unable to find anything that bothers me to the point of lowering the review score...

I was actually hoping for a sequel to Muramasa rather than a remake, but I'll take what I can get! Vanillaware games deserve the highest quality graphics possible, and I hope that if you have an appreciation for beautiful graphics like Okami or Odin Sphere that you'll pick up Muramasa!

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DestroierBR Aug 5, 13
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