Muramasa Rebirth Tips

EXP and Spirit gridning
there are 2 ways to get quickly EXP on both histories, but you must have alreday beaten the game once (be able to cut white barriers)

morihime: go to the spider boss that you fougth as kisuke, it yields per figth 32.000-35.000 EXP per figth level and a half during the level 80 and after.

Kisuke: go to the mountain were raijin and fuijin inhabit, figth raijin, she yields as the spider boss 32.000-35.000 per figth.

in order to increase even more your exp get the next swords and items:

Kazanami Muramasa (Long Blade ATK 209, SA: Gale Thrust, Effect: EXP boost, requires 55 STR and 55 VIT)

Maidori Muramasa (Long Blade, ATK 180, SA concealing mist, Effect EXP boost, requires: 50 STR and 53 VIT)

Kyoshu Muramasa (Blade, ATK 663, SA: Earth hornet 3, Effect collect spirit, requires 194 STR 197 VIT)

Reason: the 1st 2 swords boost by quite an amount your EXP earning rate and one of those has a very usefull skill Vs bosses, gale II, the kyoshu muramasa has earth hornet III extremly powerfull and usefull vs bosses, the reason is multi hit attacks, depleting quickly bosses life bars is key to win EXP, due that many and the 2 i recomend like to hit very hard.

ACC: master's Handbook (boost EXP by a 5%)

Abbreviation meaning:

ATK= Attack.

SA= Secret Art

ACC= Accessories.

Spirit farming:

Get yourself a good recipe, examples are: boar hot pot (yields 10.000 spirit per dish) and yosenabe hot pot (yields 7.000 spirit), make them untily our run out of ingrideints and go and buy an other one, repeat untily ou have all the spirit you need.