Muramasa Rebirth Unlockables

Multiple endings and best sword
must have alreday beaten the game ONCE
beat the game once, then make sure you can equip Tsukiotoshi and Mumei Tamanoo, afterwards go to the last stage and win the figth you are gonna get a diferent ending, afterwards folow thee same method on the oposite history (got the ending 2 with momohime do it on kisuke, if you go it first with kisuke do it with momhime), now once you have the two endings of BOTH characters you need the ultimate sword in order to get the 3rd ending, in order to get the Oboro Muramasa, to do this you are gonna to need to be near level 99 and have powerfull forged katanas, you are gonna need to travel to the 4 white spots that you see on your map (the monster lairs) after you clear each one you should have the 18 base katana (7 katanas per history making it 14 base katanas) with the 18 katanas grind until you have 200.000 soul and spirit, after you have that quantity or more, forge EACH katana of both sides of the tree, the last one is the Oboro Muramasa it exports 757 attack and to wield it you must have 222 points of strengh and 227 points of vitality, after getting and being able to wield the obor murasama go to the same point of the last boss and win once again, the 3rd alternate ending is similar to the 1st but it takes a new twist.
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