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Murakumo: Renegade Mech Pursuit

[edit] Background

"Oliver Port", the experimental ideal city, succeeded in unprecedented energy revolution. And it created extreme prosperity. But rapid change always brings strains.... Autonomous manned machine named "A.R.K." which had been developed by Lugnal Company started malfunctioning all over the world. Of course it happened in extremely prospered cities like Oliver Port.

[edit] Gameplay

Enjoy four modes of mech action:

Trial: Battle 10 giant, mechanized bosses to beat and record your best Rank and Clear time. Scenario: Uncover the conspiracies and intricate storyline of Murakumo. Free Mission: Replay completed missions to beat your best Rank and Clear time. Expert Mission: Take the ultimate Murkumo pilot test and engage the enemy across 10 new challenging missions

[edit] Features

  • Be a member of MURAKUMO that guards Oliver Port, the experimental ideal city. The objective is to complete missions. Every story and drama in this game is related to "MURAKUMO".
  • Flying model of A.R.K. can run and fly in the space freely. There is no particular course like a usual race game.
  • Select the most suitable A.R.K. to a mission from various machines. A.R.K. can make an accurate estimate of its movement. It carries a sensor for obstacles and it offers a plan to player according to the situation. It also judges the order of priority of targets automatically and even attacks them.
  • When the A.R.K. smashes into something there is a dynamic and showy effects such as removed coating, broken armoring and huge explosions.
  • Embark on 20 intense missions: Overtake and terminate renegade mechs through 20 supersonic pursue-and-destroy missions.
  • Unleash the Murakumo: Rip targets to shreds with plasma swords, beam rifles, sniper cannons, and bazookas, as you pilot five unique Mech Hunter prototypes.

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  • North America: Mar 4, 2003
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