The Munchables FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0
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The Munchables FAQ/Walkthrough

by TheCrobar   Updated to v1.0 on
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1. Introduction............(1TI)
2. Controls................(2CT)
3. The Basics..............(3BA)
4. The Guide...............(4GD)
     A. Star Ving Island...(SVZ)
     B. Pot Belly Ruins....(PBZ)
     C. Gulp Sea...........(GSZ)
     D. Blue Blue Sky......(BBZ)
     E. Ghost Mansion......(GMZ)
     F. Dessert Factory....(DFZ)
     G. Brim Island........(BIZ)
     H. Fort Entree'.......(FEZ)
5. Closing.................(5CL)

Hello, and welcome to my guide for The Munchables The purpose of this guide is
to provide strategies for how to complete the main game, as well as tips  and
general strategies. The guide is organized in to five  sections: you're in the
introduction, the controls section lists the gameç—´ controls, The Basics
section provides tips for general combat and how stuff works, and the main
guide is the way through the game. The introduction and the closing section
have contact information as well as some other information about the guide. If
you have any questions, you can contact me at

Wii Remote+Nun Chuck
Control Stick............Move
Z Button..............Lock On
B Button...............Attack
Shake Remote.............Jump

3...The Basics...(3BA)

A. Gameplay
The name of the game in Munchables is eating. Your planet has been invaded by
hordes of ne'er do-well tabemon pirates, and the only way to stop them is by
eating them. This game plays similarly to Katamari Damamcy: You'll start out
small, but as you eat more items you'll grow bigger and bigger. This section is
destined to help familiarize yourself with the game's systems, so that you can
better eat your way through your foes. 

B. Levels
The most important thing to understand about game play is the level system.
Every enemy in the game has a level, as does your character. That level
indicates how large a creature is: the higher the level, the tougher a
challenge. The ultimate goal in the game is to raise your level high enough to
trump your enemies. How do you do that? By eating. Every time you eat, you grow
a little bit. Soon enough, you'll increase in level if you keep eating. Keep
eating smaller foes to eventually be large enough to take down the big ones. 
C. Attacking
Some enemies are just too big to eat. That's where attacking comes in. Pressing
B will cause your character to dash forward. Anything you hit will be split
into four smaller parts, each one with a lower level. If those are too big, you
can do it again to one of the smaller pieces to split THAT one up into four
parts. You can eat pretty much anything this way, but if it's taking you 4-5
attacks to get one bite off of an enemy, you should probably go back and eat
some weaker foes first.

D. Power-Ups
In levels, you will often come across items that will give you special
abilities. These are power up items, and each one grants you a different
ability. The Rocket power will boost your speed, the Weight power will knock
down enemies, and the Buzzsaw power will break up large foes in no time at all.
Use these whenever you find them, they often help a lot when fighting enemies. 

E. Your Room
Between levels, you can press B to go to your room. The room acts as a hub and
collection area for everything you have, and allows you to change various
settings. In the room, you can change your character and accessories (more on
that in a second), view cutscenes, quit playing, or view the tabemon pirates
you've eaten.

F. Acorns/Accessories
Acorns are hidden throughout each level in the main game. Collecting all of the
Acorns in a level will unlock an accessory that your character can wear. Acorns
are easy to find, so I won't be listing them in my guide- basically, just look
for glowing green orbs. They're typically hidden behind or on top of objects.
If you keep a sharp eye out, they shouldn't be difficult to find at all.

4...The Guide...(4GD)

A. Star Ving Island...(SVZ)

I. Star Ving Village
Goal: Eat the UFO
Seeing as this is the first level, it's pretty easy. When you first start,
you'll get a little tutorial to help familiarize yourself with the game's
controls. Afterward,you'll be plopped down in the level proper. This level is
basically a large circle: head to the right, eating things as you go.
Eventually, you will come to a UFO. You'll need to be level 25 to do so, so get
the eat. Continue around the island to the right and eat everything you can.
You' will eventually fight a few mushroom men, but they should be pretty easy.
After you've hit level 25, head back to the ship and eat it to complete the 

II. Star Ving Plains
Goal: Eat the Boss Cactus 
Your goal for this level is to take on the massive enemy at the end of the
stage. There is no set level requirement for this, but it's best to be in at
least the 90s before attempting this. While traversing this level, there are a
few things to keep in mind: cannons will move you to new areas (jump near them
and press A). Also, beware of the fire barries in the areas. They can hurt you
and if you aren't careful you can get trapped between them and an enemy.
Finally, when you reach the Boss you probably won't be a high enough level yet
to beat it. Head to the cannon behind him to go to another area, then head
right to get back to where he was. 

The boss himself should prove no challenge if you're a high enough level. He's
extremely slow, just avoid being in front of him and you'll never get hit since
you can pretty much dance circles around him.

III. Brocco Lee
Goal: Defeat Brocco Lee
In classic boss form, to defeat Brocco Lee you just strike at it's weak point
for massive damage. To do this, wait for him to attack. This will wind him a
bit. This is your chance to attack- go around to his back and bit at the
glowing bit. This will cause him to drop some food. Eat the food to get bigger,
and keep up the pattern of striking at his backside. Eventually, he'll be small
enough for you to eat whole.

B. Pot Belly Ruins...(PBZ)

I. Jungle
Goal: Eat the Strange Machines
Scattered around the level are six machines. You'll need to be level 25-30 to
eat them depending on the machine. Like Cannons, this level has vines that you
swing on by pressing A. After you've eaten the first three, three more will
show up on the radar. You can just run right to them, or get bigger and eat the
rest of the stuff in the level. 

II. Desert
Goal: Eat the Leader Pirates
There are five boss pirates in this level, and your goal is to eat them all.
Most of them require you to be at level 50 or so, but the final one will
require you to be at around 120. (Don't worry, there's a lot of stuff to eat in
this level.) Three of the bosses are stationary, one being the last one. Two of
the others will constantly move around, so you'll have to track them with your
radar. It's shouldn't be too difficult to get absolutely huge for the final
leader, so take your time and eat everything the level has to offer if you 
want to.

III. Great Grapy
Goal: Defeat Great Grapy!
You're going to take Great Grapy down legend of Zelda style: by using his own
attacks against him. He'll shoot purple grapes at you, and you need to attack
them to send them flying back at him. After a few hits, he'll burst apart into
tons of little grapes. This is your cue: gobble up the glowing grapes to damage
Grapy. (But don't skip out on the regular ones either!) He will eventually form
back up, where you can repeat the process all over again until he's defeated.
While you're fighting him, avoid the spiked grapes as well as his punch
attacks, both of which get large targets on the ground like his normal grape

C. Gulp Sea...(GSZ)

I. Great Ocean
Goal: Eat all the Mechanical Fish
This level can be a bit tedious. You need to eat all 100 of the mechanical fish
9in the level. To do this easily, I have a few tips. For one, all the fish come
up on your radar. Go around the map once and get all of the small fish while
eating anything you run across that's small enough. You should hit the limit
soon enough, at which point you should travel around the level one more time
and get all of the big fish and any of the little ones you missed.

II. Ocean Floor
Goal: Get to the Ocean Floor
This is a fun level. This level is shaped like a spiral, and the goal of the
level is to get to the very bottom of the spiral and to defeat the boss at the
end of it. To descend, you have a few options: just falling by yourself works
in some cases, but it will also get you tossed back up a lot too. The best way
is to grab on to the conveniently placed weights, which will drag you down to
the ocean floor much fast. Along the way, be sure to gobble up as much as you
can. At the bottom is a Boss, along with a gaggle of his minions. Eat a few of
the minions, then go to work on the boss once you're above level 110. Eat him
to finish the level.

III. Big Fishy
Goal: Defeat Big Fishy!
Big Fishy is actually very simple. There really isn't any trick to beating him
other than what you've already done, this fight is basically just a giant
version of a regular enemy. Attacking Big Fishy will knock some of his parts
off into the water where you can eat them. Each time you do this, he'll get
smaller and you'll get bigger until the point where you can eat him. Simple,
no? His only attacks are charge moves, so use the shell in the center of the
map to avoid getting hit and hit him back after he tries to hit you.

D. Blue Blue Sky...(BBZ)

I. Outside Island
Goal: Get to the Center Island
This level seems complex at first, but it's actually fairly simple. You need to
make your way to the center island using the floating boats. To do this, you'll
need to traverse the level with a combination of cannons, balloons, and
switches. To activate the switches in the level, you'll need to be heavy enough
to do so- as indicated near the switches themselves. The level is basically one
big floating circle- when you start, you'll get fired away from the main
platform and eat around on a few islands until you're big enough to activate
the first boat. Then move to the island it was on and activate the right side
switch, which will eventually lead back to this point and activate a nearby
cannon that lets you get the final boat in the right place. Cross to the center
island to finish the level.

II. Windmill Island
Goal: Get to the top of the Windmill
This mission picks up right where the last one left off, and plays very
similarly. Circle around the base of the island, eating as you go along. You
eventually get blasted through a series of cannons onto the main island below
the windmill, and from there it's all about getting bigger as you move to the
top. You'll need to advance by grabbing onto the windmill blades, which will
take you up to the top. At the very top you'll fight a miniboss. If you've been
eating, it shouldn't pose much of a challenge- one attack and it should split
up into eatable parts.

III. Heli-Cantoloopie
Goal: Defeat Heli Cantoloopie!
This is probably the quickest boss in the game. To win, attack Cantoloopie to
knock some food off of it. It will then fly high into the air and try to smash
down on you. Get out of the way of the reticule, and go in to attack the
propeller. 2-3 Hits on the propeller should be enough to get him small enough
to eat. You should be able to take this boss down in less than a minute.

E. Ghost Mansion...(GMZ)

I. Mansion
Goal: Get the Mansion Keys
The first key you need is right in front of you. Level up a little to grab it,
then head up the stairs on the right side of the room. Jump across the
chandeliers to find a door that can be opened with your orange key. Head on
through, avoiding the large enemy, and drop down through the window at the
front of the room through two levels to end up in the basement with the Yellow
key. Grab it, then head up the stairs to wind up at the main room again. Head
back to where you dropped down, but this time go left through a yellow door
with your new key. Down the hall in a room is the green key, though you might
need to back track a little bit to level up so you can grab it. Finally, after
getting it, 20 Ghosts will appear inside the mansion. They're annoying, but
none of them are well hidden. Eat them to finish the level.

II. Garden
Goal: Reach the top of the Mansion
Thankfully, this level is a lot more straightforward than the last one. This
level is a lot like the first one- the area is a large circle that you need to
traverse. Start by eating everything near you at the beginning, then head right
and continue to eat throughout the level. Eventually, you'll get to the mansion
in the center. Climb it to fight the leader of the level. Let him try to attack
you, then dodge out of the way and smack him. You should be able to eat him
after 2 hits a piece, and after that you should be able to just flat out devour

III. Mushroom Thriller
Goal: Defeat Mushroom Thriller!
Mushroom Thriller loves to attack. His main move is sending out spiked balls
that roll towards you. To beat him, you need to maneuver between the spiked
balls and attack him. This will cause him to drop some of his mushroom pieces
and blow you backwards. After that, he'll burrow into the ground and shoot
missiles into the that land around him. Slip between theses missisles: the
legendary orb will be stuck above ground right where you can attack it. Do this
a few times, along with eating the pieces that fall off of him, and he should
be kaput.

F. Dessert Factory...(DFZ)

I. Factory
Goal: Get to the back of the factory.
This level is a lot like the Outside Island level. You'll be moving through a
factory using conveyor belts, air vents, and weighted switches to progress.
This level is pretty linear, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding your way
around. Eat as you go along, but there is no boss so don't feel like you have
to be huge. Follow the cookies to get to the back, then move along the final
conveyor to the exit to finish the level.

II. Main Sector 
Goal: Eat the Leader pirate
Despite the characters claims that this is a maze, it's pretty straightforward.
Like the last level, you use switches and conveyors to move around. Grab the
lever at the start, and then just move from area to area as you get larger. The
leader is on the cake at the very end: you'll need to drop back down to the
first area you were in and hit a level 60 switch to open the portal up to him.
He shouldn't be too hard as long as you've been leveling. Eat a few of his side
kicks, and you should be able to eat him no problem. 

III. Big Choco
Goal: Defeat Big Choco!
Big Choco is almost identical to Great Grapy, and you fight him in pretty much
the exact same way. He will throw chocolate balls at you, and you need to
attack them to send them back at him. After a few hits, he'll break up into
many smaller parts. To damage him, eat the glowing ones. After you eat all of
them, he'll form back up for another round. Repeat this four times to beat him.
(In retrospect, he's exactly like Great Grapy.)

G. Mount Brim...(BIZ)

I. Foothill
Goal: Get to the top of the mountain.
This level is similar to the under sea level, only you'll be going to the top
instead of the bottom. To ascend to the mountaintop, you'll need to eat make
sure you're eating enough enemies along the way to clear out some roadblocks,
since this level is easy to just run through and not eat anything. You'll
mainly be moving through portals that take you from one side of the mountain to
the other, along with water jets that lift you up as well. There are some
platforming segments on the red side of the mountain, but nothing too bad. Get
to the top to compelte the level.

II. Halfway Point
Goal: Reach the top
In this level you need to be fast: Lava is constantly rising below the entire
time. If it looks like it's going to catch up, just run away from whatever
you're fighting at the time. Thankfully, this isn't a complicated level: each
section present some enemies for you to eat and a barrier you need to clear to
continue. Eat most of the enemies, and you should be able to clear all the
barriers easy. At the end of the level there's a leader pirate to fight, but if
you've been eating as much as you should have he should go down after a single
attack without any problems.

III. Rice Baller
Goal: Defeat Rice Baller!
Despite his size, Rice Baller is easy to defeat. There are two ways to damage
him: You can attack him like a regular enemy to knock off parts to eat, or you
can dunk him in the lava. To perform the latter, get him to charge at you (In a
ball, not with his vacuum Attack.) Dodge out of the way, and he'll be teetering
on the edge of the arena. Attack him to knock him into the lava and deal a lot
of damage. Between this and regular attacks, he goes down in no time.

H. Fort Entree'...(FEZ)

I. Appetizer
Goal: Escape the Spaceship
Strategy: You didn't think you were getting off that easy, did you? This level
is fairly simple: it's actually just a rematch against all of the leader
pirates you've fought from the seven other islands on the planet. Thanks to how
big you start out, they should be easier then the first time you beat them.
Trounce all of them again just like you did before- no surprises or anything,
all of them have the same moves- to beat the level.

II. Entree'
Goal: Escape the Spaceship
Strategy: You could probably see what was coming in this level after the last
one. This level has you facing off against all of the bosses in the game, one
after another. Like before, you start out a lot bigger than normal to
compensate. Take out the bosses just like last time to continue to the final

III. King Pumpkin
Goal: Defeat King Pumpkin
The final boss of the game will require no less than the strength of all the
islands combined to defeat him. This boss has two stages. To damage him in the
first stage, look at what color his shield is. It will correspond to to a color
on one of the seven islands, which also have barriers around them. Go the the
island that has the corresponding color an press a to break through the
barrier. Once inside, attack the legendary orb to damage King Pumpkin and get
it to change it's barrier. Do this for all seven colors, which will destroy the
barrier once and for all.

The fight now becomes a war of attrition: to finish off the immense machine,
you'll need to attack it to knock pieces off of it. You can attack like normal,
but aiming for the weak spot when the machine is open is the best way to do it.
Eat the parts that fall of of the robot to grow, and you'll eventually take it

Congratulations, you've beaten the game. But you're not through yet. Beating
the game unlocks a new character, Robo, who is much faster than the other
characters. You will also unlock mirror mode, which will reverse all the
stages. Get out there and S rank every level!

5. Closing...(5CL)
This guide is my property, and you are only being allowed to use it. As 
such, I must insist that you not use this guide for any personal gain 
or profit off of it in any way. You are free to use this guide as you 
see fit as long as it comes within those confines: you may print it, 
make a hat out of the pages, or create some pleasant origami. I don't 
care as long as I maintain ownership of this guide. Do not distribute 
it without my permission, but if you would like it on your website feel 
free to contact me at and I will more than likely 
allow it. I hope this guide has been useful, and I thank you for 
reading it.

This guide, like all of my guides, is dedicated to cats. 

Copyright Woody Crobar, September 23 2009.