The Mummy (GBC) Cheats

The Mummy cheats, Codes, Passwords, and Codes for GBC.

Command codes

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Special Mode
Enter Select, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, and A at the main menu to unlock Special Mode.


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Level Passwords
PasswordWhat it does
(clover)178Stage 3-1
1434Stage 3-2
X57(spade)Stage 4-1
77(upside down triangle)XStage 5-1
1(upside down triangle)5(upside down triangle)Stage 6-1
(diamond)9(red circle)8Stage 6-2
3457Stage 6-3
(Star)(Heart)(Diamond)6Stage 10-3
690(Spade)Stage 10-4
(Spade)X(Circle)7Stage 13-3
X(circle)8XStage 14-1
(diamond)(circle)42Stage 15-1