The Mummy Returns review
Not as bad as you've been lead to believe!

The good:

Voices, Chicks look hot,Lots of area to move around in,Can save almost wherever you want, Imhotep part

The bad:

Camera needs work, Too much exposition, Dilogue corny


This game is rated T for Teen, and it shows. I felt thruout the game that I was playing a game aimed right at kids. Aimed on their level. If I could have gotten my fifty bucks back, I'd've returned it. However, I played it all the way thru and if I had rented it, the only difference in my experience with it would be that I'd have had $44 to put towrds my next game. That is, had I not paid what I paid, as much as it wasn't a marvelous game, I would not have felt a need to take it back had I only rented it. The reason for that is that this game, while rather juvenile and sophomoric, was not as bad as the review posted here would have you believe.

I found the graphics to be quite good. I thought there were alot of nice touches in them. I liked the fact that the Anubis warriors and the soldier mummies in the museam looked so cool. The voices were well done, though I too would have liked the mouths to move, and for the dialogue not to be so instructional and Dick and Jane. The women in the game looked quite hot, I thought. And the tombs and temples and so forth were done very well. Vast, varied, and creepy / awesome (the traditional meaning) looking.

Some would have you believe the game was boring. I disagree. Was it action packed and amazingly exciting? Did it have me on the edge of my seat,and was it a thrill ride? No. But it was not boring. I found moving thru the jungle and the temples and so forth to be rather engaging and even challangeing. And I love third person, non turn based, game combat situations anyway. I love to kick, punch, slash (and in some games shoot), the crap out of stuff. There is plenty of that in this game. I must agree that the AI in the game needs work, but, it was decent all the same.

I did find the camera a bit annoying in that it was hard to see where you were going during play. I almost had to move in the style of a chess knight alot of the time to see what lay ahead in the direction that I wanted to go. And, I would also agree tha tthe exposition that occurs between levels, the voice and the scrolling paragraphs, used to cover vast parts of the story of the film without having to produce them graphically was a let down. They even did this at the end, thought they did add still shots of the graphic characters striking poses described in the paragraphs. But some of what got turned into expostition would have made for great game play, especially the parts with the derrigible. Cuting them out and reducing them to expostitory elements made the game seem a little too pat and it certainly shortened it. This game is rather short.

But, the great thing about this game is that you can play the whole game as two characters, Rick and Imhotep, which allows you to see some parts of the game from completely new perspectives and cover completely new ground at times. And playing Imhotep was very cool. He just looks cool and he can do hella cool stuff. He was alot of fun to play. And what I absolutely loved about this game is that, with the exceptiuon of one or two parts of the game, you can save your game anywhere you like, and when you come back, you are in the exact same spot! This is a function I would have killed to have on all the PS2 games I had played before TMR. You pretty much get that with Max Payne, but you have tyo wait for the game to decide to save. You can't choose where. You almost get it in Metal Gear Solid, but even there it starts you off after a saves at the last transition you made. So, being able to save wherever I wanted was great.

So,I would tell you that if you are short on cash, and can't afford a $50 new game, but are looing for something to play, try to pick up a used copy of this game or rent it. It will kill time and keep your attack button well oiled for you while you save your pennies for the next game without boring the crap out of you. It is a pretty decent game. I'd give it 6.5 out of 10.

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