The Mummy Returns (PS2) Cheats

The Mummy Returns cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Easter Egg: Watch a Fight
Get the Ressurection Spell and go to the tank where it has the snake and the scorpion. Use the spell and you will see the fight.
Glitch: Walk on Swamp
When Playing as Imhotep, Use The Apis Spell and you can walk on the swamp for a short time.
Playing As Imoteph
If you are playing as Imoteph DO NOT USE THE CRUSE OF DEATH! It will not work on bosses. If you did then you waisted your health!
To Defeat The Scorpion King
To Defeat The Scorpion King make him run to the pillars. When he runs in the a pillar, hit his tail. After you made him run to the 4th pillar, dodge the rocks falling, pick up the health scarted. Pharse 2, Stand still in front of him when he is climbing down. Then run left or right of him and he will get mad. Hit his tail, then hit him in the troso. repet this 2-3 times. Pharse 3, here's the trick run left or right at the right moment or he will try to grab you. Do this 2=3 more times. Then Jonathan or Mella, will throw the Spear and eventurlay will miss. Do the same thing move left or right and hit his tail. Then get the Spear and throw it at him. Congratulations!
To get some health on Imoteph
To get health, make the enemy weak by attacking it once or twice. Then use the spell Soul Suck and you will get some health!!!
To make Bad Guys help you
IF you want a little help, play as Imhotep. If you don't have the the second spell, (resurect) then get it. Once you have it, do it to a mummy by holding R2 and press circle. They will help you on your quest!!!
Note: They are not very powerful they don't do much damage. You probably only do it in the Britich Museum.


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Glitch:Walk on air and through walls
First off you will need a Gameshark Broadband Enabled for this. Activate the Walk Thru Walls code. Enable it during the game by pressing Select+R1. You will be able to walk on air and not fall and also walk through walls. NOTEO NOT JUMP WHILE WALKING ON AIR OR ON LAND WITH THIS CODE ACTIVATED. YOU WILL FALL THROUGH WORLD AND NEVER BE ABLE TO RETURN!!! You will also walk through walls and do not deactivate this code on the first level while on land or air because you will fall through world and die. All other levels it will be ok to deactivate it. To enable deactivate walk thru walls, select the Walk Thru Walls Off code while in the gameshark The Mummy Returns code list and press Select+R2 to deactivate it. Still do not deactivate it while walking in air or on the first level. Cheers
To get invisible, play as Rick, Get to Arm Shere. Get into the middle of the big temple. Pause and press Up, Down, left, R1,R3 and triangle. You will start at the beginning but Rick's Health will not go down.
unlimited ammo
press start when playing hold up then press cercle,square,triangle when next screen apears press and holdsquare until ammo apears press x on it to select it press start to return