MTV Music Generator (PSX) Cheats

MTV Music Generator cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.


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Jester Interactive Skin
When building a song, scroll down to line 999 and select the box next to Labels. When the name entry screen appears, enter JESTER (case sensitive) and go to the Skin Selection screen, if you entered it correctly, a Jester Interactive Skin will be avaliable.


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For the mtv music generator

c.d. sampling: press triangle to go to the title bar, go to the c.d. player icon & click.

Now click the "no video" button, open your Playstation & take out the music generator game c.d.{do not turn game off}. Insert the c.d.that you are sampling from,close the playstation, and select sampling mghz. Press the x button click the play button, skip to the sample you want, and press record.

When you are done sampling, press triangle and a message will come up for you to insert music generator c.d. Then remove the audio c.d. and insert the generator c.d.{do not turn off power}.click the triangle to go back to the title bar,go to the song track icon, click the x button to re enter the track.

When in the track click the r1 button to create a blank riff then click the r2 button go to the riff you want to lay in x to select x again to start riff drag the sample as far as you want.