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What a poser!!

The good:

The music is very catchy!!! Theres enough tricks in the trick system, the levels are cool!!! And you get a story mode!! You get a sorta spanish song!!!! Wait... a spanish song?

The bad:

The character modeling sucks so much(it's embarising!!), youre character goes right through every little object when you bail! You get the cheapest deaths ever. Once in the level Povis Plant i was going on the bridge and all of a sudden I fell and this weird flip for no reason. What's with that? You get this weird sorta spanish song, The controles are so weird and bad and finaly the voice-overs for the other skateboarders is horrible. One guy even sounds like Quagmire from Family guy!!!


Hey once again! Just playing this game i just picked up!! MTV:Skateboarding. This game is the owner of the cheapest deaths and falling animations. When i fell on this generator i was sliding of it and i went right through it with my feet sticking out. Anyways the characters look so bad!!(literily!!) But the levels are good enough. Overall i wouldn't recomend it at all! Plus the voice-overs suck!!!

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MTV Sports: Skateboarding


Another Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 clone has emerged from the depths of the gaming community, this time under the alias of MTV Sports: Skateboarding Featuring Andy MacDonald. Instead of giving up the position of top skateboarding game to, who rightfully deservies it, Tony Hawk, THQ decided to put out what seems to be the ten millionth Tony Hawk clone. Not only do the graphics look like they have been inspired by Tony Hawk 2, but the controls seem increadibly familier. For some reason though, the gameplay is just not there. Just like every other clone, there just is not as much fun playing it ...

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