Ms. Pac-Man review
2 great classics on one game pak

The good:

Includes Ms. Pac-Man and Super Pac-Man. Almost arcade-perfect conversions.

The bad:

No full-screen view option. No 2 player option for Super Pac-Man.


The first of several arcade-to-Game Boy ports, Ms. Pac-Man bought the arcade original to the potable handheld, and as a nice touch Namco also included Super Pac-Man, a unique variation of the original Pac-Man. Both games play just like the originals-eat all the dots while avoiding the ghosts. Super Pac-Man adds some puzzle-type variations, like locked doors that need keys to unlock and Super Pellets which briefly make Pac-Man giant and invincible.
Despite being on a much smaller screen, the graphics are still arcade-perfect. You can choose to play either on a normal or widescreen format if you have a GBA, otherwise the view is sort of zoomed-in to focus on your character, both good and bad with regards to gameplay. Sounds aren't quite arcade perfect given Game Boy's sound capabilities but they're close enough. The controls are very simple (you only use A or B in Super Pac-Man) but using a pad instead of the joystick in arcades takes some getting used to. Other than that it's very responsive. Both games play exactly like in the arcades, although Ms. Pac-Man adds an extra "hard" difficulty level, and Super Pac-Man has limited option settings to change (namely when you get extra lives). Also, Ms. Pac-Man has a 2 player option but Super Pac-Man doesn't.
Just the fact that 2 color games are included makes this one worth the investment. But I say buy it just for Super Pac-Man, because it's otherwise rather hard to find outside of arcades (a couple GBA compilations have it though) and a fun, challenging variation on the classic. Ms. Pac-Man is still a blast to play as well, making this pak a must-buy for old-school arcade gamers.

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