Mobile Suit Gundam Z: AEUG vs. Titans (Import) User Reviews


Another hit gundam game

The good:

-New MSs
-Can play as old MSs as that info was just released
-Pretty good graphics
-Transforming on the fly while in space
-Sequel to a game that was already good.
-Online play baby!

The bad:

-Probably will have to be a Gundam fan for the game to have any replay value.
-If you were no good at the first game, then you will probably have a hard time with this game as well.


This game is the sequel to a game that came out sometime in 2002 named Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation Vs. Zeon. I was basically a game where you go in with a partner and kick butt. This game is no different gameplay wise, but many improvements have been made to the game.
There is now an online ability on a Gundam game. Alot of old and new MSs dukin it out online. That is probably the biggest thing that will separate this game from any other Gundam game released in the US.


A good gundam game

The good:

can use lot of MS.
good graphic.
can use psyco gundam in arcade mode!!

The bad:

only have 9 stage in arcade mode.
can't use MA in federation vs zeon.
Can't use HYAKUSHIKI's powerful weapon(forgot the weapon's name),but you can use it in mission mode!!(very powerful)


Same as federation vs zeon.Nine stage in arcade mode(too short...).But the army is quite smart,harder then f vs z .Mission mode is still here.

In the game, some MS can change into MA mode,but I don't think that is useful(short time and hard to aim).

Can use Super Gundam(just like Big Zam...),Dijeh,Rick Dias(black), Marasai, Baund Doc, Qubeley etc...

The MS in f vs z is quite good, because the cost is low and their walking speed have been increased.But if you use a weak MS such as zaku you will lost easily(the weapon are too weak...).Use Gundam is a good choice.

Tips for getting hidden MS: Set ...

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