Mobile Suit Gundam: Lost War Chronicles (Import) Cheats

Mobile Suit Gundam: Lost War Chronicles (Import) cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Easier melee kill
This seems to work even better than the standard melee combo (which is a pain in the arse to finish before an MS runs away; or mysteriously does very very little damage)

Instead of jamming on the melee button, simply run into them, while locked on, so you can do the running slash. Do it once, wait about half a second, and do it again, and again, and again. If you do it slow enough, you won't enter the combo, but will slash just as fast as the combo attacks, for attacks that are just as strong. These attacks also don't leave you stationary, spinning around to slash or whatnot, and are constantly homing in on the enemy. Even if they try to block, ALL enemy sheilding breaks really fast this way.

This makes S ranking stages where you need a high MS kill count, much much easier.
Flyby shooting
For anyone using MS with Bazooka, Cannon, or Beam weapons, this is a little trick to keep you kickin' arse fast, and keep you moving.

What it does: Allows you to stay in the air, and penetrate most enemy MS defenses to get a clean attack off, and keep you out of enemy target lock for a while.

How long does it last?: As long as you have booster left.

How to do it: Using the Expanded Jump (also explained in this games cheats/tips section), land right in front of an enemy. Right as your MS feet hit the ground, fire off a round, and immediately boost off into another expanded jump. When you land, try to land in front of the same, or another enemy, and fire again.

This causes the enemy to attempt to track you and move around. During this procedure by the AI, the enemy will usually drop their guard if they are blocking, leaving them open for a quick shot to the face. Before they can recooperate, you'll be in the air already. Be careful not to run out of boost. If you don't have enough booster to escape after an attack, switch the attack to melee instead and jump the enemy while your booster guage refills.


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Alternate Mobile Suit Color Scheme
When selecting a mobile suit, hold R2+L2+X, to select a mobile suit, continue holding R2+L2, and select the MS' weapon.

If done right, you will hear the infamous 'newtype ringing sound'.

Though the MS won't change color when it is shown launching, it will be the alternate color when in a mission.
Federation Stolen MS secret
The Federation forces stolen MS, (kinbaraito zaku II/captured zaku ii) can be used to infilitrate enemy territory. You can walk around without having enemies attack you, or them knowing your existence. Beware though, the second you target/lock-on to one of them, they will set their sights on you and attack. Great for attacking places guaraded by many enemies.
Kampfer's Rapid Fire Shotgun Trick
Though the Shotgun isn't the strongest weapon in the game, it is more useful in this game, than it is in other games.

And there's a trick to it, a possible glitch left in there by game programmers, that allow players to fire off round after round, in less time than normal.

To do this, strafe left, fire, then immediately strafe right, and fire.

The shotgun has a lot of ammo, and with rapid fire and it's spread out range, it can quickly reduce a mobile suit/and/or it's sheild in less than 10 seconds.
Unlocking MS
This game, like Zeonic Front, gets harder after gameplay. (In this game, each replayed level has much more mobile suits than the first time playing through, and some MS are stronger units than they were before)

The first time you are playing through, simply beat the first 9 missions. Don't beat mission 10, or else you'll finish the game.

Keep beating stage one or two, or whatever stage you can get an S rank on, using different MS. Eventually after 6 completed mission, you'll get all MS upgrade equipment, like the long range radar, increased booster time, and a few others.

Once you've gotten the Long Range radar, go ahead and complete mission 10. Next time you play, try to S rank stages in order from mission 1 to 14.

As you S rank, your Command Rank will go up, from Captain, and so on. Once you obtain a certain rank, you are able to unlock even more suits.

Yet sometimes you will need to play, at a certain Command Rank, with a certain MS to get another one. For Example, at a certain rank, you need to use the Ground Gundam to complete a few missions, to get the EZ8 Gundam, etc. Just make sure to use every suit at least 3 times. Have fun with it, as this gundam game isn't so hard to get all MS, and is better played while enjoying the game rather than trying over and over to get good scores.