Mobile Suit Gundam: Gihren's Ambition FAQ v79.2
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Mobile Suit Gundam: Gihren's Ambition FAQ

by Lupin the 3rd   Updated to v79.2 on
Gihren no Yabou: Zeon Dokuritsu Sensouden
For PS2
FAQ 0079.2
MAR 2003

Unpublished work Copyright 2003 of E.L.S.

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Table of Contents
1.0     Introduction
2.0     Training Mini-Game
3.0     Main Game Menu
4.0     Corps Attack Plan
5.0     Upgrade
6.0     Diplomacy
7.0     Game Data
8.0     Campaign Route
9.0     Special Operations/Battles (FEDs)
10.0    Budget/Diplomacy/Vacation Tips/Pilot
11.0    SIEG ZEON!
12.0    PS2 Gihren's Greed Movie List


Hello all you Gundam Fans out there. This is the third edition of this
FAQ(replacing FAQ 0079.1).
New and improved with a little more detail and filler info as requested.

Special Thanks and Credits to FAQ contributors (BIOSLORD, SATAY, AGUILLE DELAZ,
ZEONEIKOU). The tradition carries on to this game.

This FAQ may contain mistakes and misinterpretations of the game, when you find
them please contact me so that I can correct and update this FAQ. Also, please
send additional information about the game that you feel should be included in
this FAQ.

Other FAQs created:
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[2.0] Training Mini-Game

Game starts with the opening salvos of the One Year War from the Zeon
perspective. During this mini-game phase invasion routes are preset and you
have limited commands available from the main game menu. Good place to learn
about Corps attack planning and tactical battle options. After the initial
battles are over then you will gain access to the main menu where you can
choose to be Zeon or E.F.S.F and begin the real game.


Find out enemy troop concentration areas, steal enemy technology, view your
generals/pilot data and view enemy budget/tech level.

Main area to form your armies, place armies on vacation, add/remove
generals/pilots, add units to depleted groups and perform all administrative
functions for you armies.

Produce available units for future turns. Produced units end up in a storage
area (100max) and form a pool of available units for deployment. Units in the
pool can also be cannibalized, returning resources back to you.

-Research and Development
Research new units and weapons, also upgrade units that you have. Upgraded
units increase in performance (firepower, hitpoints, fuel consumption, speed,
movement) but also their production cost will increase. Each unit has a limit
on their upgrade however newly developed units start stronger then upgraded
units and are more cost effective.

Budget area, this is where you can adjust the budget for all the other areas.
Set your tax rate just below the red% number, usually between 18%-20%. Senate
is the source of your power in the game. If this drops (bar moves all the way
to the left) you will lose power over your people and will end up suing for
peace under the enemies terms. Public support is dependant on the interaction
of the other three (Senate, occupied area, anti-war movement). Occupied area
will drop (bar moves to the left) when you take over new areas and this in turn
will increase the anti-war movement (red bar moves to the right) and impact
public support and the power of the senate. Depending on the outcome of these
four areas this will impact your taxable level. On a good turn you should be
able to set the tax level at >=20% as the war progresses taxable level may drop
to <16%. You can set the tax level as high as you want but this will impact
public support, anti-war movement, and your power in the senate.

-Military Operations
Plan attacks and defend from enemy attacks before they hit your area. You plan
the area of attack from what is available, some areas will not be available for
attack until certain conditions are met. You then choose what routes to take
depending on your army composition. You also set the duration of this operation
taking into account the time it will take for you army to arrive on station. If
you set the duration for 10 turns and the army arrives takes 4 turns to get on
station you will have only four turns to occupy the area. I always set my
duration to 15T so I do not know what happens if you exceed the duration.

This is where you end your turn and move on to the next turn, save your game,
look at reference material and adjust the game settings.

1)  Intelligence
	>Player Data
		>>Army data
		>>Area data
		>>Weapons data
		>>Pilots data
		>>Corps data
	>Enemy Data
		>>Enemy army data
		>>Enemy area data
		>>Enemy weapons data
	>Intel Command
		>>Intel on enemy army data
		>>Intel on enemy areas
		>>Intel on enemy weapons
		>>Appropriate enemy technology>Type of Technology

2)  Strategy
	>Corps List>Select Corp
		>>Assemble Corp (COST 0)>Select Unit from List
			>>>Add/Remove unit to/from Carrier Unit
			>>>Add/Remove Pilot to/from Unit
			>>>Combine Partial Units in Corp
		>>Move Corp (COST 1)>Pick Route
		>>Launch/Re-entry (COST 1)
		>>Pilots (Cost 1)
			>>>Select Corp Commander (remove from LDR Pool)
			>>>Add Pilot to Corp (remove from LDR Pool)
			>>>Remove Pilot (add to LDR Pool)
		>>Resupply (COST 1)
		>>Allocate new units from Unit Pool (Cost 1)
		  Note: CORPS turn Blue & Cannot move that Turn
		>>Move Unit to Pool (COST 0)
	>Re-assemble Corp
	>Disband Corp
	>Vacation (Leave/R&R)

3) Industry
	>Produce units (Add to Pool)
	>Cannibalize from Unit Pool

4) Research and Development
	>Develop new weapons
	>Weapons upgrade

5) Government
	>Domestic politics
		>>Public support
		>>Occupied area
		>>Anti war movement
		>>Side 6
		>>Lunar City
		>>Jupiter Development Enterprise Group
		>>Anaheim Electronics
		>>MIP Company

6)  Military Operations
	>Attack >Attack Plans>Pick Route (1 per CORPS)>Duration
	>Increase base defense
	>Special plans

7)  Options
	>Data save
	>Game settings
	>End Turn


Area Tactical Planning
Bigger the army you send to an area, meaning more officers and units, more
operation points you have to spend on these tactical plans. Each turn you will
be asked for a tactical plan for that battle. You can purchase as many as you
can afford, your operation points will only increase if a new army joins the
battle and will decrease with each plan you implement.
1. Movement Plan
      Cost      Effect
   a. 30        Enemy Maneuverability -8
   b. 50        Enemy Maneuverability –12 (????)
   c. 30        Enemy Maneuverability -8
2. Movement (Secret Mission)Plan
      Cost      Effect
   a. 30        Enemy Accuracy -10
   b. 50        Enemy Accuracy -15
   c. 20        Enemy Accuracy –12 Friend Accuracy –5 (Night?)
   d. 30        Enemy Accuracy -8
3. Multiple Attack Plan
      Cost      Effect
   a. 20        ?
   b. 20        ?
   c. 30        ?
   d. 30        ?
   e. 30        ?
   f. 50        ?
   g. 50        ?

4. Defensive Plan
      Cost      Effect
   a. 40        Friend Accuracy +10
   b. 60        Friend Accuracy +15
5. Area Defensive Plan
      Cost      Effect
   a. 30        Friend Maneuverability +12
   b. 40        ?
   c. 60        Friend Officer Endurance +10%???
6. Special Unit Help in Attack Plan
      Cost      Effect
   a. 50        ?
   b. 80        ?
7. Ace Pilot’s Plan
      Cost      Effect
   a. 15        Enemy Moral -4
   b. 60        Friend Moral +10
8. Sure-Bet plan
      Cost      Effect
   a. 50        Friend Accuracy +12 Maneuverability -8
   b. 50        Friend Maneuverability +12 Accuracy -8
   c. 0         ?

CORPS Command
If you have more than one army in a battle you can individually set who will
command them (You or AI) or order different plans.

1. Player Full Command – Corps CO Loyalty -3
2. Corps CO Full Command (entrust) – Corps CO Loyalty +3
3. No Plan
4. Order Attack Plan – Accuracy +5%
5. Order Defensive Plan – Ammo +5%????
6. Order Assault Plan – Attack +5%
7. Order Defensive Plan – Defense +5%????


R&D Weapons Upgrade
Upgraded units have their effectiveness increased but future production cost of
that unit also increases.
Attack Upgrade
Improves your firepower and damage you do in combat.
>Attack Power +5%, Fuel Usage +8%, Resource Cost +3%
Maneuverability Upgrade
Improves your chance of not getting damaged and increases you mobility
>Maneuverability +5%, Hit points –5%, Fuel Usage +5%, Resource cost +3%
>Movement +1 at Level 1 and Level 5

Armour Upgrade
Increases you ability to take damage with some loss in ability in other areas.
>Maneuverability -3%, Hit Points +8%, Fuel Usage +5%, Resource Cost +3%
>Movement -1 at Level 1 and Level 5

Fuel Capacity Upgrade
More fuel mean less time needed in bases to refuel and rearm.
>Fuel Capacity +10%, Resource Cost +3%


At LV50/LV70/LV90 you receive cumulative bonus every turn you maintain
relations above the required LV.

Diplomacy          LV50          LV70          LV90
Side 6             Funds +2000   Side 6 Route  Intel +1
Lunar City         Funds +2000   Lunar Route   Policy +1
Jupiter D.E.G.     Resource +300 Resource +300 Strategy +1
Anaheim(Zeonic)    MS +1         MA +1         Development +1
????               Basic +1      MS +1         Development +1
MIP                MA +1         Basic +1      Production +1

Government (Domestic politics)

Senate - This drops you lose. Senate will sue for peace under ZEON terms. Keep
Public support - Influenced by other areas(?). Keep UP
Occupied area - Drops when you occupy new areas. Keep UP
Anti war movement - Red bar goes up with tax and occupying new areas. Keep DOWN


Character Data
	Unit // Military Rank
	EXP Level // EXP
	Loyalty // Shooting Ability
	Charisma // Melee Ability
	Leadership // Endurance
	Strategy // Reflexes

Unit Data
	1st Page        2nd Page
	Name            Name
	Power           Weapon Level
	Hit Points      Attack Bonus
	Maneuverability Maneuverability Bonus
	Movement        Armor Bonus
	Energy/Fuel     Energy/Fuel Bonus
	Attack Energy   Senor
	Shield          Stealth
	Base Capture    Map Movement
	Weapons Info    Unit Info
	Attack Areas    Moveable Areas
	# of units

	1st Page                      2nd Page
	CORPS Unit                    CORPS Unit
	CORPS Number // CO Name       CORPS Number // CO Name
	# of Units // Loyalty         List of Officers // Status
	# of Officers // Fatigue
	Map Movement // Moral
	Intel // Supply(Air)

Military Rank		Max Units in CORP     Command Bonus Range
General                 30                    6
Admiral                 27                    5
Vice Admiral            24                    4
Colonel                 21                    3
Lt Colonel              18                    2
Major                   15                    1
Captain                 -                     -
Commander               -                     -
Lt Commander            -                     -
Lieutenant              -                     -
Lieutenant J.G.         -                     -
Ensign                  -                     -

EXP Level               EXP           Sensor    Range
  S                     999>          S         4
  A                     600-998       A         3
  B                     300-600       B         2
  C                     100-299       C         1
  D                     50-99         D         none
  E                     0-49

Damage Distribution on Stack (3 Groups)
Top Group       60%
Middle Group    30%
Bottom Group    10%


Campaign Route E.F.S.F.
Hawaii – Peking – Madras - New York – Odessa - Jaburo(Defense) - California -
Kilamanjaro -Solomon - A Bao Qu - Granada - Side 3

Campaign Route Zeon

Odessa - California - New York - (Kilimanjaro/Madras/Peking) - ???


(Edited notes from Aguille Delaz's post)
-  Attack from multiple routes, have the right MS for the terrain. Attack
Odessa from Beijing, Madras and Belfast simultaneously. Troops from Belfast
should mainly consist of strong MS such as the RX series units and newly
developed GMs. Troops from Beijing and Belfast should be mostly bombers with a
few escort fighters along with GM land battle type, GM cold climate type and GM
desert type.
Compared to the army from Beijing and Madras, the Belfast Army contained lesser
number of units and became the prime target for the AI. Mountains on the west
restricts movement but will allow the Belfast Army to anchor down and bear the
brunt of the enemy assault. At the same time the eastern armies were moved
quickly across the rugged terrain and occupy the central base and cut off enemy
supply lines.
- Try to have Whitebase join the operation. Amuro will take out the Tristars
and Gundam will take care of the nuke. Otherwise make sure LT GEN Iruran's
loyalty >70 so he will report the nuke facility and send people to disarm it.

After the invasion of Odessa and before the invasion of California, ZEON will
attack Jaburo.

Gihren will use the Solar Ray during the invasion and cause 30% damage to the
invading army. This completes the FED game and "Original" Mode is now available
in the games start menu.


Budget/Diplomacy tips:
1. In general, maximize tech research and minimize areas you don't need.

2. Plan ahead, adjust budget for next turn needs.

3. Allocate leftover budget points in Military Operations for base defense.
Cost for base defense increases so make sure cost you're not left with too
many/not enough points in that area.

Base Defense Upgrade
Defense        Cost
1-14           1
15-19          2
20-25          3
26-30          4

4. Generally Suggestions will save money/budget points.

5. Your budget may gain/lose points in areas next turn based on diplomatic

6. All budget areas have a minimum %. Use that to your advantage. Example:
Spend 2 points each turn for two turns in an area, instead of raising the
budget once to 4 points. This obviously works better for areas that tend to
give options that only cost 1-3 points.

On average suggestion and options cost on the FED side.

-Intelligence 1-4
-Strategy 1-2
-Industry 1-2
-Research and Development 1-5
-Government 1-9
-Military Operations 1-8

7. Constantly tweak the budget so that you allocate the least percentage to get
the same points. This will change according to territory and relations. In
particular, don't spend the maximum percentage on an area if it doesn't get you
the highest points. Example: If allocating 17-20% to an area gets you 10
points, allocate 17%, not 20%. This leaves you with 3% to allocate elsewhere.

8. You can set both the tax rate and the area allocations in the budget menu.
If you have good domestic relations, you can set the tax rate to a certain
maximum(somewhere btw 18%-20%) without penalty (red numbers).You can set it
higher, but I don't recommend it. You'll need to spend more money making
everyone happy. (You have to spend enough as it is when you conquer

Vacations tips

If you keep your generals/troops on vacation as much as possible, you get
several advantages:

1. You can avoid the revolt that can apparently occur in the Fed and Zeon
campaigns near the end (sometime after the Solar Ray incident).

2. You can manufacture more custom/prototype units (vacation can make up for
the lost loyalty when overproducing custom/prototype units!)

On the other hand, I'm not sure if units on vacation can participate in base
defense, so keep them behind the front lines or reinforced with high base
defense and/or non-vacation troops.

1. Match pilots with units they flew in the shows, MSV, etc. I think that
characters get a bonus for piloting these units, even if they're not custom
(like Amuro in the RX-78-2 vs. Char's custom Gelgoog). The character gallery
lists these units for each character.

2. Use the Unit piloting proficiency ratings (ship, land, air, MS, MA).
Obviously best results are obtained with an A or B rating.

3. Watch out for melee/shooting differentials! Many characters have a much
higher rating in one vs. the other. Give high melee characters units like the
Gyan, and give high shooting characters units like the Guncannon, or ships.
(Note that most generals have higher shooting because they normally command
ships.) Give balanced characters units like the Gundam or Zugock-S. Also,
characters with a low dodge are probably best out of the front lines or top of
a stack. (Or give them a unit with lots of HP! The Zock is a great damage sink
on the top of a stack!)

Possible Pilot/Unit combination that give extra combat bonus
Amuro - RX78-2
Hayato - RX75 OR 77
Shiro - EZ8
Jack - ????
Sanders - ????
Matilda - Air carrier

Kelly - Val Waro
Giren - Doros carrier.
Cima - Zanzibar or her custom Gelgoog Marine.
Also noticed that certain characters when given suitable vehicles will be able
to ask for upgrades to their craft if it isn't already maxed out on
modifications. If Zeon characters are put into Federation vehicles, they almost
never suggest modifications.

[11.0] SIEG ZEON!

In U.C. 0058, under the leadership of Zeon Zum Deikun, Side 3 declared its
independence from the Earth Federation and formed an autonomous republic.
Fearing that other space colonies would follow Side 3's example, Earth
Federation imposed economic sanctions and began a massive military buildup to
control the space colonies.
In U.C. 0068, under suspicious circumstances, Deikun dies. He was succeeded by
his aide Degwin Zabi, who soon after established the Principality of Zeon
placed it under the rule of the Zabi family. For the ten years the Zabi Family
groomed and prepared the Principality of Zeon for the inevitable conflict with
Earth Federation.

Zeon side has more ACE pilots and MS units but start with less resources. Your
mission is to defeat General Revil and take over earth.

ZEON Opening Moves / MS / Special Tips (SATAY)

Opening Moves for ZEON

1. Odessa
1st landing can be commenced within Turn 3~4, with 2 units(min) and "entrust"
you generals during the attack.

Tip for early Zeon campaign (BIOSLORD)
Use the HLVs (and sometimes Musai capsules) to repair/refuel units when
dropping into an area that has no external supply routes (ie California and
Odessa). The HLVs also worked as a damage sink/diversion away from my MS

2. California
2nd landing can be commenced after the 1st landing and should be able to do so
in Turn 8~9. I controlled Garma's troop during the battle.
After the battle for California, immediately replenish Garma's troop and send
him to attack New York. Should be pretty easy taking New York.


Gouf B (MS-07B) - Good for ground and air.

Gouf custom (MS-07B-3) - Good choice for the star players. (Char/Gato)

DOM (MS-09/YMS-09D) - Good for 2 hex distance. (Should be piloted by character
with good shooting skills, hitting % increased)

DOM TROP (MS-09F) - Good for Ground attacks, can move in all terrain (except
space/sea). Should be best MS on the ground for the Zeons.

Note: Produce MS before you upgrade anything to save costs. And during the
waiting time upgrade whatever you can and by the time the MS is in store. You
get fully upgraded MS for the price of it's original.

Special Tips

1. Alex - Checking on the secret project in Side 6.
Agree to everything, When your adviser request to punish the person. (no/yes)
yes - you will lose about 5 characters, no - you will lost 6 characters. For
both option you will get Alex, and the FED will not be able to produce Alex.

In order to get Alex. You will need to have >LV90 diplomacy with Side 6.

2. V Project/Whitehorse - Scar Faced General will recommend that Char
investigate V Project.

You will lose 2 characters and Char will request for aid. Another character
will be sent to help Char. The chase is to Jaburo, and Char will join the
ground forces. Garma, together with Char will track down Whitehorse . Garma
will die, and Scar face General will recommend Char's imprisonment.  (yes/No
Scar face General will send Ranba Raru (RR) and his team to pursue Whitehorse.
RR will request for help due to the overwhelming power of the Whitehorse.
Dozuru will suggest sending in a DOM team to assist RR on the situation but
Kishiria will object to this plan stating that the DOM is too precious to lose
in case of a FED counterattack. Yes/No Decision.

- (YES) You will get the Whitehorse + Guncannon + GunTank in your inventory but
will not be able to produce these units.

3. Apsalus Project

(My personal opinion, don't develop it when it is brought up by Giniasu.)

A. Giniasu will bring up the idea to develop the Apsalus. (Y/N)
B. When your Tech LV for MA is around 9~10, he will come in to the picture
again and mention the commencement of the project. (Y/N ?)
>(YES) Start the project.
>> Yuri will propose to cancel the project. (Y/N)
If YES to Yuri, the project will be halted.
- You will get Apsalus I & II designs.
- Lose Giniasu because you stopped his project.
- You will get back, Norisu and Aina.

If NO to Yuri (Yuri loyalty will drop).
- Your adviser/aid will recommend Yuri's proposal to halt the project. (Y/N)
- If YES to adviser/aid (stop the project) you will get the above results.

- If NO to your Adviser. (continue with project)
- Yuri will die in the next turn because he was murdered by Giniasu (I guessed
the story is this).
- Then later on you will hear news that Giniasu and Norisu are both KIA while
engaged in a battle with the FED and Aina will be MIA.
- End result you will get Apsalus I, II & III design.

Quite a high price to pay to get Apsalus III. (I don't find it that useful
Apsalus I   HP360 no weapons
Apsalus II  HP360 weapon dam 45 acc 80 rof 3 rng 1-5
Apsalus III HP420 weapon dam 60 acc 99 rof 3 rng 1-1

3. Other TIPS

A. To get proto-type Gouf, you need LV100 in diplomacy with hmmm... the row
number 4 group.

B. To get Proto-Type DOM, you need LV100 in diplomacy with row number 5 group.

C. MIP group, have not tried but there is a MS that you can get when you have
LV100 diplomacy with them. In addition you will also need to achieve a certain
level in MA LV9~10 tech.
(BIOSLORD note)- I think MIP at 100 gets you the Val Varo (which I believe is
also a prerequisite for the High Mobility Zeong). (confirmed by SATAY)

Zeon Special Defeat Condition (SATAY)

There is this special Defeat condition, when you are playing the Zeon side. It
happens late in the game and related to the Solar Ray and the Death of Gihren's

The scenario is Gihren's Father is having a peace talk with the FED (when the
FED launch another major counter attack on the Moon Base, after your adviser
confirms the FED's Star Project).

Gihren will order the Solar Ray to be fired in the area of the peace talks,
your adviser will inform you of the danger and ask if you really want to fire
the Solar Ray in that direction, (Option yes/no). I choose YES, and Boom!!! Dad
is Dead.

Next turn, the adviser will inform that Shiriya (sister) is checking on the
incident. Another adviser will then recommend imprisoning Shiriya with some
made-up "crime". Option Yes/No, I choose No.

Next turn Shiriya will call for a private meeting with Giren and she will shoot
Gihren in the head.

Special Defeat!!!


Available from the beginning:
1 Trailer for Gundam Lost War Chronicles (not included on the expansion disk)

Tutorial campaign (the One Week War/Ruum):
2 Eve of the Opening of Hostilities
3 Declaration of War
4 Side Destruction
5 Start of Operation British
6 Colony Drop Operation
7 Battle of Ruum
8 Great War Results
9 The Antarctic Treaty

Zeon Campaign:
10 Start of the Earth Invasion Operation
11 Odessa Occupation
12 Conquest of the North American Continent
13 Continuation of the Earth Invasion Operation
14 Contact with Operation V
15 Death of Garma - when Garma is assigned to attack the White Base team
16 Operation V Investigation Report
17 Defense of Odessa
18 Defense of Solomon
19 Capture of Luna 2
20 Start of the Capture of Jaburo
21 Capture of Jaburo
22 Gihren's Garma Zabi Funeral Speech - when Garma dies and Garma Funeral
Speech option is chosen
23 Commander-in-Chief Gihren's Speech - when Gihren Speech option is chosen
24 Firing of the Solar Ray-when Solar Ray is used

Earth Federation Campaign:
25 Start of Operation V - when Operation V project is chosen
26 Base Recapture Success
27 Counterattack Operation Success
28 Operation V Early Achievements
29 Attack on Side 7
30 Capture of Odessa 1 - when White Base team is not disbanded
31 Capture of Odessa 2 - when White Base team is disbanded
32 Recapture of Odessa
33 Defense of Jaburo 1 - when White Base team is not disbanded
34 Defense of Jaburo 2 - when White Base team is disbanded
35 Capture of Solomon
36 Operation Star One
37 Start of the Capture of Side 3
38 Capture of Side 3
39 Gihren's Garma Zabi Funeral Speech - (trigger has something to do with the
status of the White Base)
40 General Revil's Speech - when General Revil Speech option is chosen
41 Firing of the Solar System - when Solar System is used