Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight

Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight User Reviews


Fly back in time; an history to discover.

The good:

Microsoft did it again, it is a much better Flight Simulator from 20 years ago. They included 10 historical vintage aircraft, plus 14 of their modern aircraft in the category of civil to commercial line. They have the jumbo jet Boeing 777-300 for a greater challenge in the sky to the first engine propelled 1903 aircraft, the Wright Flyer. Take the challenge with some new adventures with their vintage aircraft. It claims on the MS document there are more than 23,000 airports around the world, which included some small municipal grass airports. Newly design GSP instrument base on the Garmin`s model. Virtual 3D view cockpit and you could interact with the instrument knobs by a click of the mouse. An improved weather download screen with choice from a static to an update the weather every 15 minutes according to your location, providing you are connected to the internet. After the weather download, it will show on the weather on map with the High and Low pressure plus the Cold and Warm Front. The clouds follow the wind direction, plus change their form, it give you a more realistic view. You are not alone in the sky; you have other aircrafts in the surrounding, even at busy international airports you will have to follow a line up of aircraft to take off from the runway (watch for the incoming airplane before going on the runway). To break the monotone sound of the aircraft's engine, you are able to activate the ATC communication between them and you. They have lots of landmark to discovery with beautiful high quality graphics. It is an interactive Flight Simulator over the web community

The bad:

This great aviation games is aim for some serious enthusiastic flight simulator pilot, therefore any fast triggers gamers who enjoy speedy action with lots of surround blasting effect sound with find this flight simulator a little boring to their taste.

You need a strong PC to enjoy the high end graphics of this virtual world.

I notice some bugs in the graphics setting; even though my PC is above the recommend requirement. (AMD 1.8 GHz and ATI 64Mb ram). Once you had some cloud formation (2/10 of the sky or more) the graphics start to flash or loose their effect, you could see the polygons overlap each other with discolourations. The other graphic problem is in the weather setting; when you set thunderstorm and than you decide to return in a clear blue sky, the rain and thunder keep going even there is no clouds in the sky, it loose the special effect. Need to restart the Flight Simulator to return to clear blue sky. However Microsoft web site provided a patch to download to fix some of those problems.


I couldn't wait for the costly price of the MSFS2004 come down; I want that little shiny tin box in which the package came in. I needed to have another flight simulator added to my collection. The installation was very painless, I just follow their instruction, but it took some time to install. Going through their menu, all the FSMS2004 learning information is on-line. They have a small booklet that only gives you a quick overview and historical airplanes' information that are included in their flight simulator.

I decided to try the first historical aircraft adventure, the Wright Flyer. The ...


All I can say is WOW


This game is so friggin good. They say you can actually learn how to fly planes with these. They also use Flight Simulator 2004 for training at pilot schools.

The game's graphics are just stunning. Sure, the ground can get a bit blurry up close, but you aren't supposed to be that close to the ground anyway.

There are landmarks. Like the Golden Gate bridge, the Space Needle in Seattle and even the Empire State building in New York!

There is no soundtrack in this game.

It actually takes real time to get from place to place. Example, it takes about 12 hours to get from Japan to America. A REAL 12...

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