Monster Rancher 2 review
A fun kiddie game

The good:

I played this game when I was a little kid and absolutely adored it. Somehow I've managed to remember most of the game up to today. The best thing about this game is there are tons of different monsters to use for your fights, and lots of strengths each one can use to the fullest to become victorious. You can train your monsters in any way you please, and be as harsh, or spoiling as you want on them. The music is nice and always suits the occasion. Also there are nice, little celebrations, and minigames once in a while that make the game even more relaxing. The fighting is always fun, if a bit stressful with the timer and the constant back and forth way the fighting goes. But over all it's just plain fun.

The bad:

AS I said, the fighting can feel incredibly stressful, and I always get anxious at the end, even if I am winning, because the only way you win is if your monster has more health left at the end of the fight (or if only one monster is still standing), so even as the last seconds tick by you have to be sure not to drop your guard, or your opponent may make a last attack on you that would change the winner. Also, your monsters will die at relativly short ages, but their deaths cannot easily be predicted, so it's a constant suspense thriller, wondering every time the game goes into night, if that night will be your monster's last...


In all it's fun if you can handle some stressful fights, and sad sudden deaths, and it's very easy to play, almost anyone can get the hang of this game quickly.

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