Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits review
Obsessive fun for all! O___O

The good:

The bright colour of blocks as you drill them away to reach your goal is incredible enjoyment. Gaining more members of your team when completely a stage gives more variety in the game. Using the different members, some being faster, some being able to jump to higher places gives you great advantage on certain levels.

The music was probably one of my favourite bits of the whole game. Listening the the fun filled music that is played as you drill away. The different levels that are also challenging including different modes you can try making it all more entertaining.

The bad:

I can't say there's much bad about this game. I feel is just a game that can grow to be addictive, though some levels or modes can be very challenging to tackle and can also grow to be boring after awhile of playing it.


This game is full fledged fun. It's a challenge at first to dodge falling blocks that may crush you as you are drilling your way to victory, but you begin to get quick in speed and build up fast finger work. Playing out of six playable characters makes the game obsessively fun and gives you more variety to the game.

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