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Good..for a short time.



Forget Ridge Racer, this is the first good racer on the PS3.

Motorstorm takes place entirely in a desert. Beautiful cliffs, rocky valleys, big jumps and multiple routes are what you and your rivals a racing in. It's a no holds bars race to the finish with Cars, Buggys, Bikes and Trucks all in the same race.

The introduction race takes place in a beautiful desert wasteland with 14 rivals. However it's a mixtures of different vehicles. If you prefer going for the shortcuts and high jumps then pick a light vehicle like a car, buggy or bike however if you like to keep your feet on the ground then go for a heavy vehicle like a truck.
It might be the first race but that doesn't mean it's going to be easy. The AI of the rivals is excellent. They do indeed try their hardest to win as they try to ram you of the road.

Motorstorm doesn't quite play like your usual racer. Each vehicle has different handling and some are hard to master. Pick the wrong vehicle on your first race and you might be disappointed with the game straight from the start. However practise makes perfect and before you know it you'll be in the top 3. The only way to advance is to place in the top 3. Come 4th and you have to try it again. This might sound pretty easy but be warned, it's not like your usual racer. With the AI being so good it actually is a challenge in every race to get into the top 3.

So how about the graphics?? Superb is the only answer I can think of.
Every stage looks amazing. The mud kicks up behind your bike as you scramble around a tight corner. On top of a mountain gives you a beautiful view far into the distance. Press start during gameplay allows you to rotate the camera around your vehicle viewing it in all angles in amazing HD quality.

Personally I'm not to fond of how the game is setup. You unlock tickets when ever you win a certain amount of races. Every ticket has 4 races to compete in. It feels shabby and a rushed way of setting up the interface.

The controls are tricky at first too. As every vehicle responds different it can be difficult to find that perfect vehicle for you.
During a race you can make use of boost. However not infinitely. Keep it pressed for too long and your engine will overheat and explode. Pretty annoying.
If you fancy a bit of fun try switching to Sixaxis Controls. This turns the controller into a steering wheel. Fun for a race or so but it's just a novelty and loses it's humour rapidly. For the first time we can now play a game while drinking tea at he same time though.

The difficulty might vend of some players. Even the early races can be very difficult and sometimes winning is just about luck.

Overall though Motorstorm is a great launch title. The graphics show off the PS3s potential and it's fun while it lasts.
You do bore of it after a while though.

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