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MotorStorm cheats, Codes, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS3.

Command codes

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Faster driving without wasting boost
Instead of holding down your (x) button or whatever you may have changed boost to, just tap it and you drive fast without wasting your boost.


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be the FASTEST off the start line!
this only works with ATVs (quads) as far as ive tested. On the start-line keep the throttle nailed whilst holding DOWN on the d-pad. You will notice you will launch WAY faster than everyone else and almost immediately end up in first place! to see the difference, just re-start the race and do it without holding Down.
Boosting Tips.
Some of you may or may not know this already, but using all your boost until the metre is beeping and shaking, is often a good thing. Once the metre is shaking and beeping, you must stop boosting, as soon as the metre has stopped shaking, use another boost. This is called Max Boosting ... make each boost just less than one second long. You can experiment with different vehicles.

Bike = less than one second
Rally Car
Racing Truck
Mud Plugger
Big Rig = more than one second

The bigger the vehicle, the longer you can hold the boost whilst the metre is beeping and shaking. With practice you will be able to get a good rhythm going with your boosting and you will find yourself doing alot better in races.

Heres some boost tips for each track (not including downloadable tracks). These are quite handy for racing online.

The Grizzly = (Rally Car) You need to save boost for the sharp corner about half way round the track. Start saving boost from just after the blue bridge. This will give you quite a lot of boost to use after the sharp corner.

Coyote Rage = (Big Rig) No saving boost.

Coyote Rage = (Rally Car) There is a sharp corner that takes you across a bridge about half way round the track, you need to save a little boost before so that you can exit this bridge with speed.

Mudpool = No saving boost

Rock Hopper = Save boost whilst going round the corner with railings on it. The one where you let the vehicle ride around the railings. Save boost just before that part, then use boost off that corner to get speed back.

Tenderizer = (Bike) Very difficult to explain ... the basic places, save boost going round the first sharp right corner, boost until the long left corner, save boost round the left corner, boost then until the rock ramp in the mud, boost over that rock ramp, then make 1 boost when you land, then save boost. Go through the mini tunnel ... go up over the ramp ... all that without boost, then turn the hard right mud corner, and use your boost up the ramp ahead, then save boost until the next sharp right mud corner, then boost until the finish line.

Dust Devil = Save boost near the start for sharp right hand turn. Also save boost when you are approaching the slight hard left hand turn which is just before you come up to the drop into the mud leading up to the broken bridge.

Sidewinder Gulch = Save boost when approaching the right hand turn which goes uphill near the end of the track.

Rain God Mesa = Save boost for the hairpin about three quarters of the way around the track. You need to save a full tank nearly. Then when going onto your second lap, save boost so you can use it after the first corner on the second lap.
Dirt on screen
When you are racing, sometimes dirt or mud gets onto your screen. If you want to get rid of it fast, just look behind of your vehicle then go back in front (tap the button fast, because you need to watch the road!)

Note: It doesn't work for 1st mode.
Don't boost too often!
When the boost meter is in the red it takes longer to cool rather than in the yellow. and cools even quicker in the grey.
Easy to take the lead.
When on a bike, go next to another bike and press square. If you did it at the right time, the biker will fall of his bike.
Extra Boost
If you are having trouble winning the race at the last minute or right at the last second someone zooms by you and you take second ect. try this:Make sure you turbo is almost full(hardly used if possible)and when timed right hit the turbo to where you would blow up in front of the finish line and as soon as your car blows up it will boost itself forward at a high rate of speed therefore thrusting you across the finish line.
faster turning
When faced with a very tight turn, you can also use the boost to power-slide round corners, allowing you to keep the power on and stay in front.
For those tight corners
I have a tip for anyone struggling with tight corners.

Hold the circle button and turn right before the actual curve, then hit the R2 and X buttons when you've turned enough.
Motion Senser Help
Point the controller up when using motion senser because it is more like a steering wheel.
use a bike or atv for this. drive close to a diffrent bike or atv then press r1 to sock them off there bike or atv. it work good for getting in the lead
When you need to do a sharp turn, such as a hairpin, USE THE EMERGENCY BRAKE! By default, this is the circle button. It is VERY helpful.


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Spawn miles ahead of opponents
On Rockhopper, just before you come up to that steel bridge which turns right, just at the ledge where you drop off going towards the bridge, is a bush. Drive through the bush, and fly off the small natural ramp and let and overheat your boost bar so you explode.

More often or not, you will spawn on another line, but way ahead of your opponents.

This only works when playing Online
Have tried numerous times in Offline play and it DOES NOT work.


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4x bigger heads for Bikers/ATV'ers
Pause the game and press the shoulder buttons (R1/R2/L1/L2) and put the left analogue stick to the left, put the right stick to the right and click them simultaneously.
single player mirror mode
Hold down L1, L2, R1, R2, L3 (While holding right), R3 (While holding left). On the title screen to mirror the tracks