MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Cheats

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
UnlockableHow to unlock
The Money Shot (Bronze)Boost Explode over the finish line to win 10 races
Track Master (Bronze)Win 5 races on each track
Just Getting Started (Bronze)Race for a total of one hour
Time Sink (Bronze)Race for a total of 10 hours
Stuntman (Bronze)Successfully land a jump of 185m or more
Race Fan (Bronze)Take part in 250 races
Tourist (Bronze)Travel a total of 500km
Hazardous (Bronze)Wreck your vehicle 250 times
Friendship (Bronze)Complete a Split-Screen race with 4 players
Ghost Rider (Bronze)Beat 48 developer's ghosts on Time Attack
Tumbler (Bronze)Perform an impressive Barrel Roll
Bully (Bronze)Successfully punch or ram 100 vehicles
Lightweight (Bronze)Win 50 races using a lightweight vehicle
Mediumweight (Bronze)Win 50 races using a mediumweight vehicle
Heavyweight (Bronze)Win 50 races using a heavyweight vehicle
Pugilist (Bronze)Punch 5 competitors in a single race and go on to win gold
Close Call (Bronze)Win a race by a margin of less than 0.1s
Survivor (Bronze)In Eliminator escape from last place 10 times with only 3 seconds to go
Freestyle (Bronze)Create and win 10 free-play races
Spoilt For Choice (Bronze)Reach rank 3 in the Festival to unlock all 8 vehicle classes
Bike (Bronze)Win 5 Festival races using a Bike
ATV (Bronze)Win 5 Festival races using an ATV
Buggy (Bronze)Win 5 Festival races using a Buggy
Rally Car (Bronze)Win 5 Festival races using a Rally Car
Racing Truck (Bronze)Win 5 Festival races using a Racing Truck
Mud Plugger (Bronze)Win 5 Festival races using a Mud Plugger
Big Rig (Bronze)Win 5 Festival races using a Big Rig
Monster Truck (Bronze)Win 5 Festival races using a Monster Truck
Necessary Roughness (Bronze)Knock down 10 dismounted drivers
Tortoise (Bronze)Win a race without using boost
Speeder (Bronze)Unlock all 16 Speed events
Wreck-Less (Bronze)Unlock all 16 Eliminator events
Last Man Standing (Bronze)Win all 16 Eliminator events
Beginner (Bronze)Complete a ranked Online race with 12 players
Competitor (Bronze)Complete 50 Online ranked races
Casual (Bronze)Complete 50 online casual races
Immortal (Bronze)Win an Online ranked race without wrecking
Beginner's Luck (Bronze)Come 1st in an Online ranked race
Rookie (Bronze)Reach Online rank 2 (Rookie)
Veteran (Bronze)Reach Online rank 3 (Veteran)
Hire Me (Silver)Beat the developer's best ghost times on every track with every vehicle
Speed Demon (Silver)Win all 16 Speed events
Can't Touch This (Silver)Win any Rank 8 race without being wrecked
Runner Up (Silver)Win 96 Silver Medals
Ranked Streak (Silver)Win 3 Online ranked races in a row
Hero (Silver)Reach Online rank 4 (Hero)
Winner (Gold)Win 250 races
Champion (Gold)Win 96 Gold medals
Legend (Gold)Reach Online rank 5 (Legend)
Over Achiever (Platinum)Unlock all the other 49 Trophies
Bike Weekender (Bronze)Qualify and Race All Bike Rival Races
ATV Weekender (Bronze)Qualify and Race All ATV Rival Races
Buggy Weekender (Bronze)Qualify and Race All Buggy Rival Races
Rally Weekender (Bronze)Qualify and Race all Rally Car Rival Races
Racing Truck Weekender (Bronze)Qualify and Race All Racing Truck Rival Races
Mudplugger Weekender (Bronze)Qualify and Race All Mudplugger Rival Races
Big Rig Weekender (Bronze)Qualify and Race All Big Rig Rival Races
Monster Truck Weekender (Bronze)Qualify and Race All Monster Truck Rival Races
Six Splitter (Bronze)Play a Split-Screen race on all six SPEED tracks
Eight Splitter (Bronze)Play a Split-Screen Race on all eight ADRENALINE tracks
Distinguished Character (Golg)Win online with each DLC character on any DLC track
Hardcore Heaven (Silver)Hardcore Freeplay – Win on all eight ADRENALINE tracks (full grid)
Over Qualified (Silver)Beat Developer Ghosts on all six SPEED tracks
Sand and Sulphur (Silver)Win an Online race on each of the six SPEED tracks
Further Qualifications (Silver)Beat Developer Ghosts on all eight ADRENALINE tracks
Surf and Turf (Silver)Win an Online race on each of the eight ADRENALINE tracks


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Bikes and none-flat ground
When on a bike you will find that you automatically fall lower down on a slight slope when the ground is high from right to left (or L-R), because of this it is best to stay low on the slope and steer into it, or if you are anticipating that you will need to turn at the top of the slope stay way above where the slope starts and steer towards the highest point, aided by your boost.

I am not sure if this was intended on a bike because it only has 2 wheels or if this is a 'glitch' that is yet to be fixed, but using this tip allows you to control it a lot better.
Boost explosions
You know the boost bar, and how you must never, never, NEVER ad infinitum allow it to go beyond red? At the end of the race, you can. In a trick borrowed from the first motorstorm, you can overload your boost just a short way away from the finish line to be launched the remaining distance with enormous speed. You have to time it just right so you don't waste any of the boost's power nor undershoot and drop even more places. It takes practice, but can be worth it in brutal online races.
Boost turning
There are two ways to turn corners while boosting, both of which give different effects. To turn a large corner that is not very tight but requires the turning button to be fully pressed for the duration of the turn you should begin boosting before you get to it and then continue the boost as you turn through the corner, only letting off at the end of the corner or when your boost meter is too high - any further cornering is done using the handbrake and more boost.

To turn a tight corner while boosting you should let off the boost before entering the corner, just after you press the turn button fully then turn on the boost which will allow your back wheels to skid and as soon as you straighten up you will leave the corner with maximum acceleration.
Easy Winner Trophy plus some others
To easily get the winner trophy, go to wrekreation and choose free-play. Set your difficulty to easy and choose 1 lap. If you have played through the festival you will find this a piece of cake. Rinse and repeat untill you get the Winner trophy. You will begin to notice that its a long tedious process but the easiest way to get the trophy.

So spice things up, choose different vehicles and maps, this will help you get some other trophies. If you have played through the festival you should be atleast half through getting some trophies. So by choosing different vehicles and tracks you can get the Track Master, Race Fan, Lightweight, Mediumweight, Heavyweight and Freestyle trophies along side the winner trophy.
High jump
When approaching a ramp on an ATV or Bike and you are going too slow to clear the landing properly you can press (down, up) on the controller at the last moment to do a jump. This is usually used to jump over rocks or sticks on the race mode because these are hard to avoid on an ATV or Bike, but using it on a ramp gives you some extra height. This can also be used to gain a small lead on other racers in front of the ramp when you are going at a high speed throughout the jump but you must be careful to land right to avoid falling off.
Rear-ended push
Instead of pulling along side another vehicle and using the side boost to push them off course, try accelerating hard into the back of them aided by your boost. This causes them to lose control and often they will crash giving you room to move right infront.

The advantages of this are that it takes less boost to hit from hehind than it does to boost sideways using L1 or R1 and that when they crash they often go sideways into the wall, blocking cars from behind and giving you a clear lead.
Time Attack (requires internet connection)
The time attack mode of the game allows you to download a ghost from anyone on the leaderboards. If you are stuck on a festival race it is sometimes useful to download a ghost that has a time similar to the one you are trying to achieve (or the best if you feel like a challenge in keeping up with it) and try to follow the ghost closely for a few laps so that you learn the racing line for that specific vehicle.

Once you are happy with your lap you can attempt the same thing again in festival mode and you should be a lot more successful. This technique also works with developer ghosts but is a lot less effective.
Water Currents and Turning
Sometimes you will be left in water that is deep enough to cover the majority of your vehicle but not deep enough to drown you. In a vehicle big enough to overcome the drag given by the water you should always try to go through it because of the benefits that come from cooling your engine. Turning in the water is very difficult however, it requires careful coordination of your handbrake turn button and your boost in order to clear it before you hit the barrier. This also is great to get your back tires wet and gain the cooling benefit while being able to accelerate at maximum speed out of the corner.


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Blackhole of bad Lands
I have no proof so please believe
I was in badlands in wreakcreation in a monster truck
Where you jump at the lava i went full speed to the left and as soon as i knew i'll be landing, I went through the level. I was so freaked out. I reset where you land on the Lave Jump. If you don't know where it is it is where you'll see the Lava and then jump.
Again I have No proof. I wish I had a video but it looks like the motorstorm 1 blackhole.