MotoGP review
MotoGP PSP - Portable Racing Fun

The good:

- Realistic physics in sim mode
- Lot's of different game modes
- Excellent gameplay
- Long Season mode
- Great graphics
- Full motion video

The bad:

- Gets a bit repetitive over time.


MotoGP is a motorbike racing event calender. If you've ever seen the TV show, it's very good.

This portable PSP version of the game is actually excellent, and plays well on the little system.

There are a few different modes of gameplay:
- Arcade: Just like an arcade bike racing game. Great for getting straight in a race. Pick a difficulty, year, choose your bike or rider, pick your number of laps, circuit and you're going.
- Season: You choose a year, choose a team or unlockable rider (easy wins with teams like Repsol Honda, harder with a team like Rizla Suzuki). The unloackable riders are actual racers in the 2005/2006 MotoGP season. You can race 2, 5, half or full laps of a circuit. You can practice a circuit, or skip that and go to qualifying, or skip that and start from the back of the race.
- Time Trial: Pretty self explanatory. There are rewards for getting a set amount of time round a circuit.
- One on One: Not available at the start, it's an unlockable mode. It's where you go head to head with a MotoGP rider.

The options give you a lot of different things to change the way you play the game. You can change the button configuration, edit your rider profile (name, nationality, helmet style and riding form). You can adjust on screen HUDs, edit sounds, go through your saved replay library and view your rider's history.

Reward range from photos (which you can actually save to your PSP memory card and use as a PSP wallpaper), videos (from 2005 and 2006 MotoGP seasons), one-on-ones and riders you can use.

Multiplayer mode is what you'd expect it to be. Race each other.

All in all, MotoGP is a very good racing game for the PSP, which makes full use of the analog stick, which means you can hit an apex with ease. Great fun to pick up and master, it will keep you going for a while.
It has a large selection of bikes to race with, riders, modes, controls and circuits to race on.
It has a lot better physics than a car racing game, as the less memory it takes to render the bikes.
The crashes are always fun.
The circuits are very detailed and have realistic environments to look at, although you really won't be looking at them much, the racing is so much fun and you have to concentrate on where to break, when to floor it and when to start turning.
If you like racing games, I recommend this game.

Thank you for reading.

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