MotoGP (GBA) Cheats

MotoGP cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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Starting Posistion
If you want Pole at the beginning of the race, do a time trail otherwise you will start last.

Doing a time trail also lets you observe the track a bit more so you know where to go.
There are 4 tournaments in total, each one you win unlocks a new chracter in the game that you can use.

The tourneys get harder and harder as you progress through the game


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A.Barros + O.Jacque
cheat enables the drivers above
Master Code
To unlock all of the tracks and riders in 'quick race' and 'time attack', use the following code: R999D5998J.
Play as D.Jacque
this guy is one of the characters u unlock when u finish grand prix the password is N599VZB2QB
thats it for now i'll submit some more when finish beating the whole game.peace