Motocross Mania (PC) Cheats

Motocross Mania cheats, and Codes for PC.

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Motocross Mania Cheats

Cheat Codes
When you start a new championship you will be asked to create a new profile. The following cheats are enabled by entering the appropriate names when creating a profile:

Mad DogUnlock all the stunts
Beef CakeUnlock all the tracks
Uncle BillLoads of money
Vera ChampAutomatically qualify for the next race regardless of your actual placing. Also gives you the Championship Ending.

Unlock all stunts
Get a stunt score over 500,000 to unlock all stunts in the game.
submitted by g-man

Get a Hover Biker
Unlock all of the stunts in the game, collect over $50,000, and set the following garage settings:

Brake Gyro: 0 Gear Ratio: -0.95 Suspensions: 0.95
submitted by g-man

The following moves require a gamepad, assuming default settings:

No HanderR2 + Up
Look BackR2 + Left
Saran WrapR2 + Right
No FooterR2 + Down
Can-CanR2 + Left, Up
Fist PunchR2 + Up, Right
Front Fender GrabR2 + Down, Right
Nac-NacR2 + Down, Left
WindsurfR2 + Down, Up
TwistR2 + Up, Down
PrayerR2 + Right, Left
NothingR1 + Up
SupermanR1 + Down
No Footed Can-Can
(towards the right)
R1 + Right
No Footed Can-Can
(towards the left)
R1 + Left