MotoGP 4 Cheats

MotoGP 4 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Tracks To Unlock .....
The Suzuka track ('02)- Japan's first closed circuit, was built in the city of Suzuka in 1962 by the Honda Motor Company as a test track. The track hosted its first Grand Prix 1963 and has served as the stage of many dramatic events ever since. The Suzuka Circuit was reprofiled in 2002, with the overall track length changing to 5.864 km. This is the version that appears in the game. Suzuka's unique layout features an overpass, as well as 20 different corners.

Paul Ricard ('98)- Located in Southern France, the Paul Ricard Circuit is bathed in the salty fragrance of the Mediterranean Sea. The track was built in 1970 and was designed with rider saftey and racing events in mind, making it a model for other circuits for many years afterwards. Paul Ricard is characterized by its mile-long Mistral Straight, which allows for heated slipstream races. The 1998 version of the Paul Ricard is featured in the game.

Training- This is not a real circuit. It was designed as a training course, and features various corners that have been placed carefully along the track. Racing on this track will give you a chance to master the basic riding techniques.


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Up+R1, Right+R2, Down+L1, Left+L2, L3+R3
Press this code in the Main Menu. This is the Master Code of MotoGP 4. It unlocks every single rider there is. It also unlocks the three secret circuits (Training, Suzuka, and Paul Ricard), as well as the BMW Pace Car.

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