Motion Explosion!

Motion Explosion! Cheats

Motion Explosion! cheats, Achievements, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Super Star (50)Earn all 30 stars in any game.
Super Duper Star (150)Earn 30 stars in any 5 games. (150 stars total)
Unlock Smith (50)Unlock all levels in any 5 games.
I Am Better Than Me (10)Set a new record in any single game.
Testing the Waters (10)Play at least one level in all games.
Put Me In Coach (20)Earn at least one star in all games.
Four Play (30)Be the winner of a four player match.
Bronze Medal Effort (10)Get a score of 30 in any game during Motion Mix mode.
Silver Medal Effort (15)Get a score of 45 in any game during Motion Mix mode.
Gold Medal Effort (30)Get a score of 60 in any game during Motion Mix mode.
Epic Motion Master (10)Reach level 5 in Motion Mix mode.
Legendary Motion Master (25)Reach level 10 in Motion Mix mode.
Fabled Motion Master (50)Reach level 20 in Motion Mix mode.
Equilibrium (35)Complete any hard level of Balance Beam with three stars. (Levels 7-10)
Balanced Diet (10)Balance 20 blocks on your board on any level of Balance Beam.
Hammerin' Crank (35)Complete any hard level of Crank it Up with three stars. (Levels 7-10)
Block Smasher (10)Hit at least 20 targets on any level of Crank It Up.
Artful Dodger (35)Complete any hard level of Dodge Ball with three stars. (Levels 7-10)
Can't Touch This (10)Don't get hit by a single ball on any level of Dodge Ball.
Freestyle (35)Complete any hard level of Sack Hack with three stars. (Levels 7-10)
Hot Potato (10)Play an entire round of Sack Hack, at level 3 or above, without dropping anything.
Heave Ho (35)Complete any hard level of Heavily Armed with three stars. (Levels 7-10)
Picture Perfect (10)Match a full pattern in any level of Heavily Armed.
Hop Skip and Jump (10)Complete any level of Star Hop without hitting a single bomb.
Some Like It Hop Hop Hop (35)Complete any hard level of Star Hop with three stars. (Levels 7-10)
Join the Circus (35)Complete any hard level of Juggle Struggle with three stars. (Levels 7-10)
Just for Kicks (10)Perform a successful leg kick 5 times without dropping a ball in any level of Juggle Struggle.
In the Groove (35)Complete any hard level of Tilt Board with three stars. (Levels 7-10)
Star Struck (10)Collect every star in any level of Tilt Board
Extreme Star Catcher (35)Complete any hard level of Star Stream with three stars. (Levels 7-10)
Star Catcher (10)Score a perfect round on any level of Star Stream.
Gentle Genius (10)Complete level 4, 5 or 6 of Robo Control without hitting a bomb.
Keep on Strolling (35)Complete any hard level of Robo Control with three stars. (Levels 7-10)
Snagster (10)Avoid all walls in any level of Shape Dodge.
The Great Escape (35)Complete any hard level of Shape Dodge with three stars. (Levels 7-10)
The Grid Runner (35)Complete Level 10 of Off the Grid with three stars.
Tip Tap Toe (10)Complete any hard level of Off the Grid with three stars. (Levels 7-10)