Mother 3 (Import) review
Mother 3: Perfection in every imaginable way.

The good:

  • Fantastic story-line. Filled with twists, tears, and suspense.
  • Great characters that some people can relate to.
  • Music is catchy and memorable.
  • Great sound effects throughout the game.
  • Visuals in the game are fantastic for the Gameboy Advance.
  • It's very easy to become addicted to this game. Play it once and you should want to play it again.
  • Decent replay value. You can play it again many times and still love it.
  • A fantastic sense of comedy in this game.

The bad:

  • Available only in Japan, but there are other ways to obtain this game.
  • Because it's in Japan, the game is in Japanese. Luckily, there are Mother fans who made a fan translation of this game.
  • Barely any sidequests, if there are even any in this game.


Oh my lord what a fantastic game! This game is full of everything for everyone. Mother 3 is an RPG made in Japan, and is a sequel to Earthbound/Mother 2 on the Super Nintendo. However, besides a few similarities in PSI spells and a few other mentions, this game has almost nothing to do with Earthbound.

While this game plays like an RPG, it is still missing a few elements, such as side-quests. There isn't really much you can do in this game besides fight a few optional bosses and try and get the best equipment possible. This is one of the biggest flaws in the game.

Luckily, as an RPG, you can buy new weapons and gain higher stats as you level up. The stats are essentually basic: HP (Health points; how much damage you can take before you collapse), PP (Psychic Points, how much PSI costs and how much it takes away from your total PP), Offense (How much damage you can inflict), Defense (How much damage you can take, both physical and PSI), IQ (How much damage your PSI does) and Speed (how fast you can attack). There is also EXP, the total amount of Experience you have gained from defeating an enemy, and level ups, which increase some stats by certain amounts.

Money in this game is called DP, Dragon Power. You gain DP after defeating an enemy, and it usually goes to the frogs that act as save points. You can withdraw the amount of money you have, and buy somethings with it. However, if you fall in battle, but you have money on you, you will lose it all.

The game starts with Lucas and his brother Claus visiting their grandfather Alec with their mother, Hinawa. However, the names of Lucas, alongside a few other characters, can be changed. What I found funny was that what is usually called the "Default" button has become the "Don't care" button in this game .

Lucas and Claus, the twins.

Anyway, a group of dinosaurs called Dragos appear and the twins start playing with them, as Dragos are friendly. Soon after, they have to depart to meet their father, Flint. However, some trouble ensues off-screen, and it isn't until Flint sees his kids again that the trouble starts.

The game follows the trend of the other Mother games: It makes all characters able to be related to the different kinds of people out in the world. In this case, they introduce Lucas, a crybaby; Kumatora, a tomboy and a princess, Duster, a man crippled in his left leg, and Boney, a dog. While there are other characters, such as Salsa, an abused Monkey, the four mentioned (Lucas, Duster, Kumatora and Boney) are the main playable characters of the story. Throughout the story, each character gains new weapons, new abilities, and learn the secret of the Nowhere Islands they call their home.

The graphics in the game are decent, while the effects done in the game are fantastic. In battle, the PSI used in this game give fantastic effects, as do a few attacks done by the enemy. The visuals are hypnotic and awe-inspiring.

PSI is basically the magic of this game. It comes in many different varieties, and is meant to heal, harm, or support the enemy or allies in many ways. PSI is usually only available to the race known as Magypsies and their apprentices. Other villainous characters can also utilize PSI.

The Magypsies are basically... cross-dressers that have eternal life. The Magypsies' number has been reduced to seven over the 1000 years they have lived, and each of them guards a "Needle". When it is pulled, they disappear after a few seconds. Each needle is basically a shackle which holds a beast known as the Dark Dragon under the Nowhere Islands. The Dark Dragon can basically destroy or restore the Nowhere Islands, depending on the heart of whoever pulls the last needle.

PK Love Alpha's animation. One of the many PSI spells usable in the game.

This spell is exclusive to Lucas in normal gameplay. There are other exclusive PSI spells in this game, but only two playable characters can use PSI.

Speaking of PSI, the amount of spells available in the game is incredible. Each spell usually comes in it's basic form, while a few come in their final form, due to not having an evolution. As the characters that have the ability to use PSI (Lucas and Kumatora) gain levels, they begin getting feverish, which leads to them learning a new PSI spell. A few spells have four levels: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Omega, with Alpha being the weakest, and Omega being the strongest. These spell have the greek alphabet beside their names to indicate their power and the cost of their PP (Psychic Points). For example, PK Love a means PK Love Alpha. There are three types of PSI spells: Offensive, Defensive, and supportive. Offensive obviously causes damage to the enemy with the attacking PSI spells. Signature PSI spells, such as PK Love, PK Flash and PK Starstorm are also stored here. Defensive spells actually restore HP and PP instead of stats. It is actually the Supportive spells that increase and decrease stats.

Mother 3's cast also features great characters with a great sense of comedy. For example, there is a dance in the game called the Osohe dance, and Salsa has to dance to it. The dance is seen as embarrassing, and it also brings a laugh to me when I see it. Another scene is when a scientist named Dr. Andonuts (A returning character from Earthbound) proposes that Boney be used as a sacrifice ("bait" as he called it) in order for Lucas to disable a particularly dangerous enemy. These characters are one of the reasons that Mother 3 is the fantastic game it is. The Japanese sense of humor in this game is incredible for gamers of different countries, such as Americans.

The music in this game is phenomenal. Each piece of music accompanies a background or a battle brilliantly, and effectively. In fact, you can also gain more hits on an enemy if you can keep with the beat of the song. Some songs are harder than others, but it's worth it. There have actually been pieces of music in this game that have been etched into my head. The music is accompanied with fantastic instruments and players, and it makes Mother 3 even more enjoyable. You can even see the return of old favourites from other Mother games, such as the Love theme!

This game really has no major downsides besides the exclusiveness in Japan. The storyline is exciting and fantastic, and it always keeps you guessing as to what happens next. The game fits for anyone and everyone. Throughout the whole series, there is always a character than can be related to a type of person in real life, and Mother 3 is no exception. With the fun I had with this game, I would recommend this to everyone. This is a great game, and it cannot be forgotten. The replay value further amplifies this. The game can be played over and over again, and it can still feel like it's new and exciting. Even if the story doesn't change, it still gives this game a great feeling, and makes the player want to play it over again.

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